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Flipping video games from a subscriber (whoops)

Phoenix Resale
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  1. Bro gave you a deal!
    Too bad you couldn't have ripped him off with an absurd low ball 😢

  2. I would buy that for 80 if it's in pristine condition and with box.

  3. Never seen one on ebay under $100 stop lying

  4. i found 2 gameboys + 5 games in their boxes and the trashdump

  5. Man is upset that he actually made a fair deal for once

  6. Or stop complaining your not making enough money and go fucking enjoy the convention.

  7. I know for you it's pretty normal but as a European who never was in the USA so far, I am still shocked off how simpel the Dollar looks.. I thought at first you gave him Monopoly Money as a joke for the video.

  8. This guy is type to rip off little kids and feel good about it

  9. Resellers when they don’t get the chance to rip off people

  10. Suprised the game boy is so cheap in such good condition.

  11. the only way to heaven is through Jesus. repent of all your sins, and obey Him. He died on the cross paying the fine for your crimes (sins) so you could live.

  12. Good. Let's do what we can to ruin resellers.

  13. thats how much i paid for mine in AUD, so like, half that or something

  14. I mean, at least you was fair with the guy.

  15. Only complain if you actually lose, $7 is still $7.

  16. im going to start making a few youtube short vids and im going to theme them around the "thankfully youre stupid" title. but its not what you think. thanks for the idea, "guy2 walks up to guy1 and takes advantage of guy1 buying the product for much less than its worth because guy1 is uneducated of the value of a product. then guy2 goes to guy3 and sells the product for a huge amount more than its worth also because guy 3 is uneducated." thankfully youre stupid is referencing guy 2 because taking advantage of other people makes you a stupid human.

  17. Dont forget online sites take a big cut

  18. You made a profit, why are you complaining?

  19. Maybe stop trying to make a profit off of other people's nostalgia, and allow others who intend to actually enjoy the console to buy it. You're frustrated because you only made $7, while I'm sure there are hundreds of younger people out there who are much more frustrated they'll never get the chance to play a gameboy because people like yourself are out here profiteering.

  20. Fucking resellers are the reason the retro gaming market prices people out who actually want to enjoy the tech and games.

  21. It’s a very clean one tho. Even has the sticker. Those always wear off

  22. It's really, really clean. You could sell to a collector for more than that.

  23. Retro game flippers have ruined the magic and fun of being an old school gamer.

  24. But i got mine for 20 dollars new in the box
    I know it wasnt resealed because i lived in the same apartment and the gameboy was actually stuck in a wall and that wall is just 5 years newer that that gameboy and he didnt want it, and we werent even friends
    I will never sell jt cuz you never get these quality things for so cheap

  25. The counterfiet money I gave him was perfect to get a free GameBoy. I flew back home so I'll never have to worry about running into this guy again.

  26. Don't worry u earned alot by making a video about it

  27. That gameboy in great shape, barely yellow, looks brand new, comes with a game, should've kept it instead of selling it to a reseller

  28. But at least you had a video to do a dumb look into

  29. Game boy in that condition is worth more you just aren’t going to the right sites or people

  30. Would’ve paid $500 for that and I’m not kidding.

  31. No one would buy the fact it takes 4 batteries at least pocket taking 2 AAA batteries


    ((starts slamming credit card on table))


  33. Acting like your money doesn't come from these videos

  34. What’s crazy is these are selling for almost an arm and a leg but their really like 50 bucks

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