Fixing two Game Boy Color Games - Fixing Ebay Junk -

Fixing two Game Boy Color Games – Fixing Ebay Junk

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I’ve got a couple Game Boy Color games that just won’t boot. Even after cleaning, they don’t go past the boot screen. Luckily, it’s a common and easy fix that plagues Game Boy games

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  1. I hope you find something new to work on soon. I liked seeing new things you find and fixed. Your voice is pretty much perfect for this type of video, as it's calm clear and soothing. Currently rewatching some videos. But I hope to see some more relatively soon

  2. I got started a year ago repairing stuff cuz of this channel. It's a shame you don't post anymore

  3. Hey Adam where you been bro it's been awhile since you uploaded any new content

  4. Hope you are okay bud! Really miss your videos!

  5. Excellent! My only request is more videos please.

  6. Man, this was my favorite channel. I miss it. I hope Adam is okay.

  7. Hey Adam, I wish I had found your content sooner. I'm particularly a Nintendo nerd, Gameboy and N64. I love the cart repair 🤘 I hope you continue to produce videos. Every time is the chance to find and educate on a different problem. Really great stuff. Thanks man.

  8. BROOOO WHERE YOU AT!!!! We need more content to fall asleep to!

  9. Where you been man ..almost 1 year damn ..adam we miss you man😭

  10. Can you do a basic component testing with multimeter. I know how to do it with bigger stuff but I feel like things with microchips is out of my depth

  11. Love your content! When’s the next video coming out?

  12. Man, i am so sad there is no new content coming. I always loved to watch his repair or modding videos. 🙁

  13. Happy New Year, dude!! Hope your 2022 went well and that you're doing great. We miss you!

  14. Hey @retrotepairs I have sent you a Facebook message on your main account. Could you please respond to my inquiry? I need your expertise and help! Lol

  15. Please come back! Retro fix community misses you

  16. Hi there. I was wondering if you will be doing any more vides, i miss them

  17. Nope you upload some new stuff soon and all is well!

  18. I remember when i started diving into console/games repairs 1-2years ago.i started here from this channel looking how to repair game cartridges such as: N64 games, Gameboy games and such.thanks to you, i’m more into this Trade today !😎

  19. Do you have a list or video of tools you use? I would love to find out and sure other's watching.. Thanks

  20. Thanks man your videos are awesome! Just gathering some supplies and an snes frogger will hop once again

  21. Hey bud,do you intend to start uploading again?,really mis your vids😊

  22. found this channel last week and have been watching all the videos from the last year or so but no new upload in 3 months anyone know if adam is just taking a break from the videos?

  23. Help. Got GBC game that gets to boot but once passed the cutscenes to the actual gameplay it freezes to a white screen. Once I got a black screen but never beyond that.. got it be the save battery?

  24. Can i get a link? I wanna buy the same flux pen & tool you use to open the carts.

  25. This video help me save my copy of Spider-Man for the GBC!!! It wasn’t booting up consistently and would sometimes freeze. I reflowed those four pins and we’re back to saving the day 🕷 Thank you 🤘🏼

  26. RetroRepiars, i really like your videos, it is very helpfull. Recently i found two of my Game Boy games, one is Mario Land 6 golden coins, and second is pokemon gold. Im struggle now to repiar this two, cleaning didnt do the job, is there any possibility to send to you pictures, with explanation what happening, and what i try to this point?

  27. I have a few playstation 1 memory cards that aren’t reading and I was wondering if those are salvageable? And an N64 that wont power on—Im interested if you do videos on these!!

  28. Wow! I will try to repair all my broken GBA cartridges!

  29. Awesome videos…Was able to fix my Resident Evil Gaiden cartridge with the help of your videos. Able to trace all the contacts with my multimeter and found a couple of disconnections. With a couple of wires installed to reconnect, it is up and running with full save support. Thanks and keep it up.

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