Fixing two Game Boy Color Games - Fixing Ebay Junk -

Fixing two Game Boy Color Games – Fixing Ebay Junk

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I’ve got a couple Game Boy Color games that just won’t boot. Even after cleaning, they don’t go past the boot screen. Luckily, it’s a common and easy fix that plagues Game Boy games

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  1. Hello! I just want to say, that I love your videos! They are amazing! Thank you so much for that. And it would be little bit more amazing, if you clean your repairing pad (the blue pad..) 😅 Love you

  2. Hi, I’m new to your channel. I love what you do!

    I am upgrading my soldering iron at the moment and it’s between the hakko fx-888d, the weller WE1010NA, and the TS100….Any recommendations? I notice you are using the hakko. I’m leaning towards the TS100 for portability sakes. Sometimes I work on cars, so it would be nice for that.

  3. Thanks for this video, was awesome! What flux are you using and where did you get it?

  4. أنا لي أول مرة أشاهد قناتك. أنا جديد.عمل جميل جدا شكرا لك

  5. Do you like working on N64 consoles? I have a n64 I have no clue how to fix and would love to see what you think and would be happy to ship it to you.

  6. I just wanted to swing by and say thank you for making repair videos. I was able to fix this princess night light for my daughter using your circuit board repair technique with using a wire. It might not be a difficult repair, but as far as my daughter is concerned, I'm a hero. Thank you again.

  7. Where’s the videos? Love watching your stuff!

  8. you know you want to reflow all the pins though lol

  9. Well, seems like if you want to dump some of those lower value game carts, just label them as "for part/repair" and people will buy even the worst games just to try and repair them, lol.

  10. easy fix seems like; not sure why that one pin is always the issue…

  11. That seller would get neutral feedback from me at best. I'm so sick of advertisements everywhere. Can we just do one thing in our lives without being advertised to?! I don't expect ads in a package from eBay. I already gave you money, I should not be getting ads too.

  12. Get you self Atari Jaguar) It’s cold be cool to se repair of that cartridges. But other way I never see broken one on sell… That shit probably indestructible)))

  13. Just want to say that I appreciate the effort you put in to repairing video games and uploading it onto YouTube. Your videos are very informative and helpful to those trying to learn more about repairs. Keep up the great content!

  14. Wow, really that's all it took? reflow one pin.

  15. I’m sure DS carts and switch games are very very hard to clean.

  16. I'm in Quebec, it's raining today and the snow is melting! 🙂

  17. After watching your videos for a while I finally got off my butt and started repairing nonworking cartridges. Happy to say I've brought 7 games back from the brink that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.

  18. That first one just needed it’s pins cleaned 🤦‍♂️

  19. Only a repair channel is upset when the item works, I get it just makes me giggle. Cause not have his skill i get something broken im upset. Great Video keep em coming

  20. Man i remember that Spongebob game. My dad got it for me back when KB toys / Babbage "later Gamestop"was still in business here in Puerto Rico. Spended hours playing it but never finished it lol.

  21. I think its really cool watching someone I admire and have learnt a lot from still learning something new about fixing these things up.

    It's one of the neat things about this sort of retro repair space. Because it's all second party repairs rather than going off of manuals and info from manufacturers we are all learning and teaching one another!

  22. Is that a pube on the right of the mat?? lol. Another great video mate. Thanks

  23. I bought the same Spongebob game broken as well: Cleaned the pins, the board and tried to reflow all the pins with my crummy soldering iron. Nothing, I will try to just reflow the corner pins and see what happens. Thanks.

  24. I've seen that problem on multiple Game Color carts, just some sort of factory error. And it's always the top right pin, sometimes the top two right pins. Well handled! I'm very curious to see what you do with the DS cards.

  25. "hey YouTube what's going on?" Well…it's still my birthday for 37 minutes

  26. It pains me to know how many Gameboy games and other games (working and broken) are just sitting in the middle drawer under the cutlery drawer. So many that will never be played again 🙁

  27. I hope I’m not the only one, but I really enjoyed the guitar pedal repair. Regardless of your next video, based on your previous work, I’m sure it’s going to be great/informative.

  28. "That's kinda disappointing" lmao I actually laughed with that one. Shows you how much Adam loves what he does.

  29. I like how on other channels someone buys a lot of super defective stuff and it's a bummer. Here? That's what you want. If the lot worked, it's no fun, lol.

    I wonder why that one pin goes bad? Two carts in a row had it go bad and apparently that's a common one if those comments are to be believed, and I obviously do now!

  30. Nice work, 2 for 2 with just partial reflows needed!

  31. I'm from switzerland and it's getting spring here. Just one pin that stopped it from working. Good to know.

  32. It's 72° here right now, it was 88° yesterday.

  33. nice fixes, hopefully the other pins dont cause issues anytime soon

  34. Quick and effective. I wonder if games are any good though

  35. Your videos are so informative and relaxing. I hope they never stop! Thanks for what you do my friend.

  36. The whole "It's always the first/corner pin" is a mix of superstition with confirmation bias. I've heard that for years, but over years of doing this found it to be more or less a coin flip.

  37. I wouldn't have paid $35 for that lot in working condition…

  38. Where did you get that stick of flux? Looks super convenient and easy to use for repairs

  39. I think I have a few games that dont work Ill try that first pin trick and hope that fixes the cartridge

  40. i read that as d-eight night as well, but it eventually dawned on me that is it supposed to be date night?

  41. For Rocket Power, its a Tiertex game, they were the LJN of the UK hence why it sucks.

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