FIRST TIME EVER JAMMING The Backstreet Boys - Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) !!! -

FIRST TIME EVER JAMMING The Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) !!!

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Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) (Official Music Video)

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  1. Nick was only 12 when they first started. They have been together 25 years and all married with kids.. yet they still make new music. I’ve always loved them!

  2. So – first of all – Justin Bieber for example is good, or One Direction, ok undisputed, but the Backstreet Boys are much better. Vocally and in the performances so far ahead…

    And they have no scandals, they are good boys.

    About the members: There is Brian, the quasi bandleader, AJ, the daredevil with the soulful voice, Nick, the blondie (by the way, the big brother of Aaron Carter), Howie the Latino impact, and Kevin, that's the tall one with the long coat, with the great voice. Kevin is the oldest of the group and the most rational of the band. Vocally they are all equal, everyone sings his part and therefore there is no known quarrel among the members.

    AND in the meantime they already had their 25th anniversary.

    In my opinion the best boyband in the time, you can always hear them and the songs are fresh and catchy!

  3. One of my favorite BSB songs is Safest Place to Hide I really love to hear Kevin sing. such a beautiful deep voice. I love them all but Kevin sang so rarely in the earlier albums it's nice to hear him more.

  4. I absolutely love their music. Try their song Don't Go Breaking My Heart.❤️

  5. Nick is the youngest. He is now 41. Kevin is the oldest he's 49.

  6. Well actually lol . I was and still am a huge bsb fan but just like 99 percent of the groups out there ?????. You can tell when they are live . Unlike the big boys like Freddie Mercury yes at their age he sound the same live as on record . He could run around on stage and sound amazing these guys cannot just like most cannot! Sorry but still love them

  7. In 1996, I was 16yrs young in high school, all the White girls who loved the Backstreet Boys would call me “AJ McLean”, from freshmen to seniors due to extremely favoring between….

  8. Your face is so expressive. You are adorable. I love your reactions.

  9. Love watching you realize how attractive they were

  10. Best "boy band" ever! Not a bad song in their career.

  11. BSB fan here, this the video that made me a fan thank you for listening to them and giving them a chance <3

  12. 2021 – whos still here to not quit seeing their abs

  13. Like your reaction when the rain came down lol 😆.. defintley check out more of their songs …

  14. I'm currently 28 years old. They used to be my jam when I was a kid. I'd sing and dance to their songs so much, lol.

  15. Check out incomplete what a tune backstreet boys legends x

  16. "the call" "get another boyfriend" or"ill never break your heart" 🙂

  17. I was a Nsync girl lol but you couldn't escape the Millennium album back then

  18. Who doesn’t like the BSB… they paved ways for One direction and other newcomers

  19. 13 year old me watching this video and thinking at the time Nick Carter hits a little different

  20. Trust me,You would Love 98 degrees much better. Most girls always melted watching Nic lol. Sorry to post late. Stay safe.

  21. You have to go through all their videos and how they grow nature and as cute they look young they get better with age especially AJ(my favorite) followed by howie. But girl you mixing up your boy bands Nick lachey was in 98degrees that Nick carter lol.

  22. India Reacts you really show how you feel when watching this is cool.

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