Fan Boys are ruining games -

Fan Boys are ruining games

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  1. Fan boys ruined games long before micro transactions.

  2. Fanboys exist under the umbrella of apologists. That particular umbrella is one of my least favorites.

  3. Next time do a video about fanboys instead of about pay to win.

  4. You know, simply any microtransactions in a single player game is fucking bullshit, I shouldn't have to be online 24/7 on a single player game. It's my game, it's my sandbox, I should be able to do what I want, if I want to spawn in a quadrilion legendery weapons which makes my pc instantly crash, I should be able to that.

  5. For fanboys see children. Children "fan" over whatever it is they are given. they have no money to buy whatever they want so they have to support the one they are given. Example: kid gets given adidas trainers.. they'll fanobiy over those. same with games. kids a ruining games. the end.

  6. Dont woray guys. Theres still CD Projekt Red. Our saviour. Too bad Mack couldn't enjoy witcher 3 because of the control system. Hopefully he'll like Cyberpunk 2077 since it will have 1st person mode.

  7. common sense….I always have and will continue to NOT support such business practices but same as with a lot of my opinions….it seems that the following generations are becoming dumber and more shallow simply not wanting the same level of quality I expect so year by year I and my views shift into the minority.

    Its sad and its frustrating but theres nothing I can do about it except for ignore such games and search for the ones who cater to what I want.

    The advantage is that I bypass and evade a huge pool of community I want nothing to do with anyway so there….

  8. the game is not even done its in building stage . . .. just saying and if you listen to the devs they sed they will add a stash later to the game you can upgrade its clear you don't know what you ar talking about and lasso you can buy bigger contianer gg man best research ever how about just wait ? like I do lol

  9. When you say to never buy or play an early access game, but you critique it like its a full game and complain that some features aren't in the game yet.

  10. I don't understand how having a bigger moustache will help me win games. 🙁

  11. I’m so glad I stumbled onto your page. I was starting to think I was the only one who understood what a good game was and how the industry is changing.

  12. Devs love fanboys. You're correct. Just look at call of duty series lol

  13. I love your channel Mack. I just searched and you have no Skyrim or Fallout 3 WAB! WTF!? I know you will thumbs up both but I love hearing your take. Please read the words!

  14. Please also do a video on games with Social Justice Warrior crap that ruin games and entertainment… Mafia 3 cough ghostbusters, madmax, well you know what I'm talking about. Maybe reflect on how great games like Deliverance are that have sparked this SJW war but the fact they haven't caved, attributes to their success etc. Thanks for the great vids you're the best reviewer and literally hit every point that I think about as well. Great stuff mate keep it goin!!

  15. But to respond to this video I mean you couldn't have nailed it more so true. As valid and thorough your video is I mean there are so many other variances that are basically pay to win. Mortal online is a perfect example you know games that require you keep paying to keep your attributes things like that.

  16. We'll said but while there are idiots gamers out there developers won't stop!

  17. Weren't you fanboying about Kingdom Come Deliverance the other day despite being a buggy mess

  18. Wasn't this video uploaded several days ago or i have a deja vu?

  19. its simple as this, for tarkov at least, loot stash is obviously the main part of the game, its the purpose of looting and extracting with great loot. having the tiny stash limits purpose of you playing. what do you play for if you cant store your loot anymore? but you can, if you buy bigger stash. thats bullshit. they are forcing you to buy bigger stash so you can continue playing, or having something to play for at least.

  20. Hey, this is sexist! You must use the term "Fanperson"!

  21. The below is the response I receive, as well as downvotes aplenty, to this very argument on a console peasant sub-reddit. I hate to admit but it is a losing battle against people who line up to be scammed.

    "Seems like you just like to complain for the hell of it. Some guy buying a resource pack or overpriced special flannel for their character is not going to hurt your play through of Far Cry 5"

  22. I totally agree with you Mack, it's like a dumb-down agenda that covers all domains and now has poisoned the gaming industry. What you said about the ubisoft ingame cash system really scared me how stupid people are getting. How can they not see it's still pay to win ? It's like a damn paradox, why would someone pay to finish a single player game faster ?! It should be enjoyed, that's the whole idea of it, isn't it guys ? You buy a game to spend your time with then you pay more to shorten the game time you bought in the first place to buy better gear that wrecks the challenge of playing more to work you way up to that better gear. Good thing Origins is a good game overall and you can still grind – actually play your way up to better gear.

    I'm still waiting for the Final Fantasy 15 review cause i know i'm gonna cry from all the laughter. You're a gaming journalist man, keep up the good work. Roby from Romania.

  23. Mack, that's fucking funny, but bang on, welll played sir.

  24. Well, I stopped buying games on release date a long time ago and will never pre buy. That is mistake #1 for anyone who shares the feeling that the game industry is going down hill or even feel they have been cheated at some point in time by spending money on a game they never played much because it was not fun. I also completely stopped buying anything EA has anything to do with about 12 years ago. I can't stand fanboys but there is little to be done about it since they are typically low IQ and unteachable. It also doesn't help that since they have 8 or more hours to play everyday and are shelling out the most money they will keep getting what they want. i.e. Crappy but beautiful looking games that lack replayability, or pay to win and skip grind so they can claim their gaming superiority over others. If legit GAMERS stop buying their BS it might some day change. For instance if as many people who said they would stop buying EA after getting burned actually stopped buying EA, EA might have gone out of business by now so ranting about it is useless.

  25. I remember when games took a long time to complete. That is fun to me but now people complain that they dont have the best things by hour 3 of a new release. I dunno.

  26. I do agree with you that the paying to get a bigger stash size is complete BS. The reason that the devs are not programming the ability to get a bigger stash size right now is because there are WAY bigger problems such as desync making the game sometimes unplayable. Also it is a pretty small dev team. But when the open beta comes out, the ability to get a bigger stash size will be in the game.

  27. I think the only way forward is to legally limit the profit a game published for under 18 can make.
    If it makes more it should be given to the government.

    This should push the greedy corporate inverters that have taken over the gaming industry(to exploit and abuse children) out.

    Because lets be honest, we would not be in this situation if it wasn't for children under 18 years of age who are too immature to understand how much they are being screwed.

  28. "Nether, War-Z" HAHAHAHAHA! Proof that he has no clue. Oh, and Hideout was always announced for Open Beta so I don't know where you got this "August" business from. I guess he doesn't know that the lower editions can gain EOD stash through building their hideout (Like the lair system in DCUO…an actual P2W game). Or, that at the moment they can just save up some rubles or euros and have a buddy with level 4 traders get them some weapon, item, money, and pistol cases. That, expands their stash greatly. But then, if they do that, all that extra space makes it pay to win for them too?

  29. I am sorry to say but unfortunatelly the stigma of the nerd in games its quite true.. When u get a load of people ho systematic fails at everything in their lifes then coming to gaming they really dont care if they cheat or pay to win or wuteva miserable practice they do to feel like winners.. Real winners do play casual, and have healthy social lifes.. Unfortunatelly, in gaming, there is a shit ton of nerds ho do not have a healthy social (relational) life and then they end up being lame, salty ppl.. aka fanboys

  30. This is timely for the sea of thieves fans.

  31. Its just how it is, people can be dead fucking wrong and they'll still defend themselves.

  32. Well the stash size actually doesn't matter just so you know in terms of "winning". It's the Safe Box that lets you keep your gear after dying that matters and gives you a definitive advantage. I played standard till I finished every quest and was very high level and I never needed a bigger stash.
    HOWEVER, if you want to horde gear, then the standard stash won't cut it. I just liquidated my gear into money, which is just as efficient for "winning", but some people enjoy have huge stashes of guns, which I totally understand.
    So I would focus on those stupid Safe Boxes which totally defeat the theme of the game (death has big consequences). Focusing on the stash makes it clear you don't quite understand the game, so that's why I'm just letting you know.

  33. Was looking forward to Tarkov… but when I saw all the money-grubbing tactics they used, I realized I would not be purchasing it any time soon. Honestly, there's so many games out there, if you need to resort to buying older games to enjoy yourself – go for it – you won't be disappointed.

  34. What's even more saddening is that these idiot fanboys are spending a shit load of money on microtransactions. So even if majority of gamers decided to boycott a specific game, because of some bullshit caveats that the devs and publishers added to it, these greedy fuckers are still generating enough money to make another game with all the bullshit practices multiplied by two.

  35. the internet ruined games
    for some stupid reason developers started to listening for random strangers
    also those stupid algorithms collecting data from gamers is just so missleading too

    and all of this is not counting the greed which is another problem

    devs are insecure and can no longer hold responsibility of their product and lifes

  36. This is fucking disgusting behavior

    I mean, who used first order weapons as the droids? C'mon man

  37. To be honest I think its time a dev gets Mack in for advice on how to make a decent game!

  38. The real problem is that PC gamers are destroying single-player gaming, turning everything into multiplayer games. PC games are the root cause of all the terrible microtransactions we see today, where all the shit comes from.

  39. im a fanboy for Mac i love Mac i trust and respect Mac if you love mack let him know because Mac for President of humanity! Love you Mac!

  40. Tarkov u get better rep with traders as well for getting the edge of darkness edition

  41. you heard the man! build a wall around these fanboys LETS MAKE GAMES GREAT AGAIN.

  42. I cannot believe people actually spend the money for this shit? Do they not work for their money?


  44. No shit Sherlock.
    Every MMO and FPS ever created had developers who only listened to the FBs.

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