Fan Boys are ruining games -

Fan Boys are ruining games

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  1. Worthabuy guy it's a matter of perception, an individual will always defend a product that they bought and enjoyed, it applies to everything ranging from expensive watches, cars, houses and in this case games, you cannot blame someone for having a narrow view of a game or matter, I mean I am gonna debate it anyway to these kind of people but you must remember shopping or buying is an emotional response of your particular needs, so if someone enjoy a shitty game and knows nothing better it will defend that to death, I've seen it, the problem here is when someone has extreme fanboyism for something, call it a game, a brand, a service or a product, we as consumers should be asking what are we getting for the money that we are spending or investing

  2. Gta5 online is the same,really expensive in game vehicles and weapons.

  3. Thanks for the advertising dear sir. Now I will buy the EOD edition just for the hell of it.
    Also, the game is developed and published in Russia, so a small part of my money will go to Russian defense spending.

  4. New God of War ad was like: Preorder for shield skins! I'm like: Lol shield skins? Nah fuck that bullshit. Terrible incentive to buy.

  5. dude…no…themajority of ppl in that 20% are under 15

  6. for the record, pvp doesnt count as game to me

  7. mac you are a fan boy yourself, just look at kingdom come it was a buggy mess and you still endorsed it.

  8. I am a fanboy of My precious Mack from worth a buy Always watch his videos if i should buy a game

  9. WorthABuy I cannot thank you enough for making this video. Fanboys are the absolute worst, for example I remember when I played Rainbow6 siege Ubisoft said they were going to make season 2 of year 2 dedicated bug and glitch fixes. All throughout that season I among many others were bitching and even showing clips of the bugs and glitches to the Rainbow 6 siege Reddit. Do you know what we got… Fucking excuses, people telling us that this was a good thing that they decided to take time to fix the game 2 years after release and that season pass owners like myself would be properly compensated.

    Do you know what happened, Jack shit, absolutely fucking nothing. It's been about ten months since "Operation Health" and there is still bugs and glitches galore with people exploiting them all the time.

    All the time people continue to defend the game despite having trouble with it themselves. For example I would see one person bashing me about being too cynical and upon looking at their post history they admit to have issues with the game as well.

    I just don't understand it. Why on Earth would people want to spend real money on a game they already paid for is beyond me. It's like would they not prefer having that extra money on hand? Are they filthy stinking rich where they just don't mind throwing away money? I don't understand that if there is a legitimate issue with the game why do people have such a big issue tampering with it?

  10. maybe im an eso fanboy. i dont care. stam dk dc. add me on xbox na. but all these other games are shit.

  11. so gta 5 is so awesome right? fuck no. a bunch of fanboys. andreas was better than 4, and 4 was better than 5.

  12. You hit the nail on the head Mack. Between games like Battlefront 2, Metal Gear Survive, and others of the like, they are killing gaming. As you say, its the fucking fanboys that enable the shit.

  13. You still haven't played escape from tarkov… Just play and realize how blind youre being. If you buy the standard edition its so hard to even fill that stash up halfway because it's such a skill based game and I only own standard because I don't need a bigger version as I litterally can't utilize more space..

  14. I might be late on hating fanboys, but it's better than nothing. While I was on Twitter there were fanboy everywhere on the dlc for spiderman's post game content. The preorders are all ready happening like over 9000 vegeta.

  15. Does any one remember the boycott of COD Black Ops? The crap slide for PC gamers started with the publishing of games without mod tools and private dedicated servers. Now most of you just turn around with a sheepish smile why they give it to you. We get what we deserve.

  16. and people are surprised when I say that I disagree with the notion that video games are art. they're not.
    some games could be considered art, stuff in games (music, artstyle ect.) are art, but a blanket statement like "video games are art" is just delusional bullshit.

  17. The PC Master Race is the biggest Fanboy club today.

  18. Translation of title: People that enjoy things I don't ruin the things for me.

  19. Tarkov is not easier with a bigger stash size……. I kill people with edge of darkness stash all the time, and have no issues not being a packrat and selling gear i don't want and buying my own weapons……..

  20. This business model is everywhere.
    Gone are the days when you paid for an item and that was it.
    Now you have to buy the Subscription and then upgrade that to a Premium Subscription and then buy the Upgrade for the Upgrade and replace that with Premium Upgrade and so fucking on and on…

  21. you're tottally fucked in the head m8. do some research

  22. its madness to buy stuff of any sort in a AAA game with irl money – what are ppl on?? they already paid for all the stuff!! its ok in mmo's and the like, costumes and such things as do not give in game advantages. f2p p2w online games – its understandable to have incentives but if they are gonna be pure p2w my issue is when its disguised and the devs lie about that – they would be better to go the route of legendary weapons in the cash shop etc and just admit what they are doing – theyd still get all the p2wr's. but they dont coz they know a lot of ppl who would play wont but the devs hide the facts as best they can so they can scam the naive – and that is a problem.

  23. I understand the overall theme and message but I disagree. We as gamers, plus our own expectations are ruining games. We as gamer's talk past pre ordering, day one DLC "because we like the game", or "I trust the publisher" An putting up with loot boxes and pay to win of any type is runing gaming. Publisher's see us as the sheep we can be an until we stop buying they will keep piling on the bullshit. Now Our Gaming Expectations…… The hype we either help cause or buy into reading or clicking on why game X or game X's new sequel wont just be good…nahhh will e the greatest game of all time……. We need to just adjust our hopes to having a game that we like an enjoy an in rare cases love and adore. Lastly I blame the culture the US has always had. Bigger is better… more is better…. and profit and greed is good…… Once we understand comapnies and business exist to make money and they do not care (for the MOST part) about us as gamer's or even the development team whose game they back and sell.

  24. Even though I agree on your Fan Boys description and issue, I can't agree on the P2W definition. For me a P2W game is when you can only access an item (that gives advantage) by, solely, spending real money. As long as you can access such items by in game currency; I don't consider it a P2W but a pay for convenience game (P4C).

  25. Dude, do you even game? If you played the game you'd know that this video is a load of crock.

  26. I cannot stand fanboys… They are the reason why games have lootboxes and why there are predatory practices ..

  27. People must be buying this extra stash for them not to give standard edition buyers a way to get it because they must be making their money's worth from this not to implement into the game.

  28. 'make gaming great again' – build a wall to keep the fanboys out xD

  29. i saw xbox and playstation fanboys in a bunch of comment sections and i just got tumors

  30. You would think you would pay less for the game if you don't want to grind haha.

  31. For me there is nothing called the best game.Just favorite game as people opinions differ.

  32. sounds like Baldurs Gate 3 Fan boys could watch this video. Dont get me wrong BG3 dosnt have micro transactions but its clearly not a Baldurs Gate game what so ever the 3 most common arguements that it is a baldurs gate is the following
    A) It has the town baldurs gate
    Answer) The Town wasnt even in baldurs gate 2 it has nothing to do with the town deal with it
    B) It has the IP of Baldurs Gate thus its a baldurs gate game
    Answer) If thats the case it should be Baldurs gate 12 or something due to all the other baldurs gate IP games out there
    C) it has the same gods as BG1/2 in BG3
    Answer) thats becouse it takes place in forgotten realms where they share the gods kinda like neverwinter nights and such you know?

  33. Watching after Cyberpunk's release. Seriously, so many fucking fanboys defending that game's many bugs and performance problems.

    While I was pretty excited about the game, at the same time I kind of secretly hoped it would fail just to spite the CDPR fanboys. Looks like I got my wish. Hopefully these fanboys will soon realize that their precious CDPR isn't the "perfect" studio they thought they were.

  34. Mack 2020
    "Make Games Great Again!"

  35. Come on Mack.. leave coke outa this 👃🤣


  37. I've come up against fanboys in the last year, useful idiots is what they are.

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