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EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition – Game Boy Advance Flash Cart

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This video looks at the newest version of the EZ Flash Game Boy Advance flash cart called the EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition. Thanks to Senko Games for sending me this review unit.

I compare the old EZ Flash Omega against this new definitive edition.

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Some new features include the following:

– Using Ferroelectric RAM to keep save files instead of SRAM
– Rumble function for GBA game and NDS game
– Support GBA-DS Link Transfer
– Support DS Web Browser
– Support DS RAM Expansion Pack
– Power Save design
– Button Battery replaceable
– Support 512Mb GBA movie ROMs

Interested in grabbing one?


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  1. Great review! I always wondered if these more affordable models were any good and looks like they are. Found you thorough Retro Ralph on Instagram and subbed to your channel

  2. So I bought one of these, and I've noticed it will not boot up any GB roms that are hacked like Castlevania II Enhanced Colors. Is there any way to fix that?

  3. is there a limit how many games I can put on the sd i hear you can only put 512 roms ?

  4. The rumble feature is absolutely amazing for a GBA. I started playing Drill Dozer and it's great fun!

  5. I bought it mainly because I heard it's better with power consumption. The ez omega (non definitive) wouldn't allow my micro to go for two hours. I'm hoping there is a difference with the definitive version.

  6. It’ll play the GB and GBC games natively then? Or emulated?

  7. Can you please do a video where the ez flash definitive can migrate pokemons safely to a legitimate copy of pokemon gen 4 games?

    Great video btw

  8. Great video about a great cartridge made by a great company 😚👌I have two EZ-Flash IV Omega and one EZ-Flash Jr … and now thanks to this video i'm planning to also buy an EZ-Flash IV Omega Definitive edition 😉

  9. Do the cheats for pokemon work on this cart. I can get none to work with the normal omega cart

  10. I've been relunctant to try EZ Flash again ever since I bought an EZ Flash IV: the build quality was such that the casing couldn't completely close–making it a very tight fit trying to put it in my GBA SP–and saving games didn't seem to work unless I first returned to the menu. Are things like that no longer an issue?

  11. This is awesome! what more can you want then this

  12. I really want to get my hands on one of these to go alongside my R4 but they're so dang expensive.
    Edit: Damn, guess the site I was looking at before was a scam or a rip off, cuz it had it for $100! The one in the description has it for a far more reasonable price. Thanks for sharing 👍

  13. Will this work on a Gamecube gameboy player?

  14. The second option in the menu is NOR game support. This is for writing the rom directly on the card rather than using the volatile memory. It allows you to add certain functions to the games.

  15. I've got the EZ Flash Jr, and it works like a dream once it's properly set up. Been thinking of snagging the Omega, but now I may as well look into the DE.

  16. Great video. It looks like a few rendering artifacts made their way in.

  17. How would you rate it against the EverDrive X5 Mini?

  18. Game Boy and Game Boy Color games play using emulation. The Game Boy color emulator is not that great

  19. Really happy with my regular Omega card, nice that they improved power consumption though

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