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EZ-Flash IV GBA Flashcart – Roms And Homebrew – Nintendo Game Boy Advance

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I finally managed to track down one of these awesome little EZ-Flash IV flashcarts for my GBA. Similar to the EverDrive for Mega Drive/Genesis or the AceKard for DS, the EZ-Flash allows you to put roms and homebrew on an SD card and play them on your GBA.

In this video I go over some of the carts features and give my thoughts on piracy, emulators and the downloading of roms etc.

Overall I’m very impressed with the device and can’t really fault it. I highly recommend tracking one down if you have a GBA!

Thanks for watching!


  1. I've been wanting one for months. Where can I find one?

  2. I have a SuperCard Mini SD. Not as good as EZ Flash, but it does get the job done.

  3. I never do this, but 1st view and 1st comment… I always look forward to your shows. Thanks

  4. I wouldn't recommend the Supercard Mini SD. It has issues with causing slowdown in many games because of its on the fly save system. There's a video here on YouTube showing the problems it has playing games like Contra. The EZ-Flash has no such issues 🙂

  5. Which version of Contra? Because my Supercard plays the NES version flawlessly using the built in NES emu. The GBC & GB emus also work great, which was half the appeal for me, because I was using it with a Micro.

    I don't have it anymore. I sold it & got an Xperia Play. Still can't play Monkey Ball Jr on it though.. GODFRKNMTHADFDGFH!!!

  6. Does anyone know of something like this but it also plays GBC and original GB games? I would love to have one for my DS.

  7. do you own a open pandora ? thats really good for emulation :p

  8. I'm personally enjoying the sneaky Sega Channel in the background…

  9. I've got one of those GB 64m USB cards it's great, so handy if it wasn't for that I'd not be able to use my DMG-1 to make chiptune music with LSDJ, which the rom I bought from the dev but I totally agree with your view on rom games, buying from places like ebay doesn't make the dev any money if that's the only place you can find it and playing on the original machine is best.

  10. I put it down to my clock crystal needing replaced on the nes I am using to watch youtube video's

  11. Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX. The Supercard has very noticeable issues when you pick up the spread shot gun. Street Fighter is another game that has problems. If you do a search here on YT it's the first vid you see. It's a comparison between the two cards.
    As for GBC emulation I was really hoping games like Shantae would work well. It does run but at a horrible framerate. I've not tested others but that's why I got the GB USB Smartcard 😛

  12. Yes, I realized that, but I was wondering if there were a combination of the two flash carts for more convenience. If there isn't, then I could get both, oh well.

  13. I have almost 40 games for my GBA and hauling them all around with me really sucks because the case is about the size of a small purse. I feel ridiculous carrying it around with me. With this thing I can have all the games I own and don't own in one cart and leave all the other physical games at home. Having tons of cartridge games really destroys the portability of a console. I need one of these.

  14. I was aware of SFII, but just thought all these flash cards had these sort of issues. Will the EZ Flash play Monkey Ball Jr? I have never seen that game emulated correctly. Also, will the GB USB smart card work in a Micro?

    Really, the only reason I bought a Supercard was because I had a dinky little Micro, & I wanted everything all in one small portable handheld & no extra carts. I always wanted the Micro to be backwards compatible with the GB/GBC anyway, smooth NES emulation was just a bonus.

  15. Nice, informative video. Now to find one of these things!

  16. your videos are epic please make more =D but do you agree with DLC/ADD ONS shouldn't all the content be in the game when you buy it? why do you have to buy extra content that should already be in the game?

  17. I own the original and have also tested it with the EZ-Flash. Doom runs flawlessly 🙂 . It's not emulating the games so every title should work the same as if you had the real cartridge plugged in.

  18. I was wondering what the battery was actually for? It saves games to the SD card so it kinda made me wonder.

  19. Just tested Monkey Ball Jr and works perfect 🙂 . The GB USB Smart Card won't work with a Micro, sadly. The GBC/GB carts won't physically fit in the Micro anyways.

  20. No, not as far as I'm aware. The pinout of GBA and GBC carts are different. I believe this is how the console distinguishes which type of game you've inserted. To have a true, all in one cart I think you'd need some sort of external switch to "trick" the console. Otherwise, you can emulate GBC/GB games on the GBA using Goomba. However games such as Shantae will not run at full speed. This is a limitation of the GBA hardware.

  21. I bought an EZFlash IV last year to play the Mother 3 translation and Rhythm Tengoku, deffiently worth it, though it can be kind of hard to remove the Mini SD so using a Micro SD card with an adapter was probably a good idea.

  22. Alrighty. Thanks for being so helpful 😀

  23. I used to have a GBA with a flashcart but nowadays I use a modded PSP, the battery lasts way longer than the almost dead battery of my GBA, and the game compatibility is actually better, not to mention all the other consoles I can also play with it.

  24. @Retrogametech Cool flash cart martin, can it be used on DS Lite?

  25. Thanks, dude! I got the EZ from a Chinese site called ebluar. Although It seems to be down right now. The GB USB I bought from Kitsch Bent in the US. Both sources are very reliable 🙂 (in my experience).

  26. any one have a source to buy these for gb

  27. really like the videos any update on the 3 old game boys you bought keep up the good work

  28. Looks like your OCD about the blue GBA cases led you to buy more white ones eh?
    This card looks pretty cool, but it obviously wouldn't let you play things like Boktai or other games that have special hardware in them.

  29. Eeeek!! I don't remember ever using a converter with my EZFlash 4 cart but the games play, save and reset to menu just fine! However, I never figured out how to get rid of the awful Star Wars theme!

  30. I also have the EZ4. I even installed the same theme you got. It's the most amazing purchase I've made for my GBASP. But I've read somewhere that you shouldn't use micro SD + converter in it, supposedly some people lost their save files after a couple of months. So I tracked down a mini SD card (non-SDHC), and I've got to say, it wasn't easy to find one. EZ4 has some flaws though, e.g: you can't put lots of roms in the same directory, it won't show them on the screen, so you have to use folders.

  31. I got one of these to use with my gamecube gameboy player, with a cheap bootleg classic controller (the ones with gamecube input instead of wiimote) – killer combo

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