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EZ-Flash IV GBA Flashcart – Roms And Homebrew – Nintendo Game Boy Advance

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I finally managed to track down one of these awesome little EZ-Flash IV flashcarts for my GBA. Similar to the EverDrive for Mega Drive/Genesis or the AceKard for DS, the EZ-Flash allows you to put roms and homebrew on an SD card and play them on your GBA.

In this video I go over some of the carts features and give my thoughts on piracy, emulators and the downloading of roms etc.

Overall I’m very impressed with the device and can’t really fault it. I highly recommend tracking one down if you have a GBA!

Thanks for watching!


  1. This from a reliable site cost 21 euro.How much did you pay for it?

  2. please god tell me I didn't just see a HD DVD player add on for the XBOX360!

  3. how long after it out of production is it consider abandon ware?

  4. Great video, as usual 😀 I seem to remember hearing a rumour or something that there were these sorts of devices for other systems, like the NES and SNES (A quick google confirms this) Any chance you've made or will make videos to cover those as well?

  5. does that software work on mac os x? Or only windows eh?

  6. Korra Baskerville - Baskerville Archive says:

    Dam, I've Been Wanting One Of Those For Testing.

  7. Hi. Just a word of warning with using a microSD with adapter on the EZF-IV. I was looking into buying one of these and it seems loads of people have had problems using a microSD + adapter instead of a miniSD (corrupted saves etc). google for 307089-ez-flash-4-problems and look at the bottom 2 posts.

  8. Does it work for the gamecube gameboy player

  9. Got one of these a while back, nice review on it! What's the name of the plain theme you replaced the star wars one with? tia

  10. I mention Goomba in the video. But you'll never get a game like Shantae to run properly on the GBA via emulation. The PSP and Wii can't even run that game properly! 😛 I bought the GB USB cart to run my GB/GBC games on the SP.

  11. Check out a site called Ebluar. They have them for a pretty good price.

  12. Sweet, I'll need to check that out. I've mostly just been messing around with GBA roms so far.

  13. Korra Baskerville - Baskerville Archive says:

    I Did When I Saw Your Reply To Somebody Else. I Was Gonna Buy 2 Things But They Wouldn't Accept My Card.

  14. can you tell me how to put cheat using usb or something

  15. If memory servers correctly down by the cartage contacts there is a little switch that gets hit when you put in a normal Game Boy game, when a GBA game is put in the switch is not pushed down and the system goes in to GBA mode.
    I wonder if you could put in a ROM for a normal Game Boy and have something push the little switch down to make the GBA start in GB mode.

  16. Do you ever do anything with newer systems? Like 3ds?

  17. Where did yo get it? I was thinking of downloading mother 3 and playing it that way, but I can't find a site.

  18. I agree, the gameboy games run flawlessly. The odd game like Shantae may not work but the vast majority will run perfect on the ez flash 4. Better than purchasing another flashcart for sure.

  19. What is going on with that Xbox in the background and where can I get one please.

  20. Yes, search for EverDrive. You can get them for most retro consoles 🙂

  21. Hey I've been looking for these for a while now, any chance you can tell me where I can get it? I'm planning to get one before I leave UK next weekend. Thanks =)

  22. why don't you mod your agb to backlight??

    good vid

  23. sorry if this sounds specific but does a game like mother 3 work with this, the size of that game

  24. I went out and bought this the day you posted this video. Super excited for it finally came in the mail and sort of disappointed.
    I can figure out how to get this thing saving. in configuration it has 'save mode' and it says 'auto' and 'forced' I tried both but it doesn't keep any saves. I save in game, I quit. I start another game save that. come back to the first game, no more saved data… Any help?

  25. Did you transfer the roms to your memory card with the EZ-Flash software using a PC? The ROMS need to be patched and the EZ-Client software also has to create a special folder with save files etc.

  26. I did it through the EZ-Client Software. And I made sure the 'add save patch' was checked. It almost seems like the card doesn't know how to load. I have a folder called 'SAVER' on my stick. and inside that folder, I have kirby.git and megaman.bat both have a size of zero. So it looks like its saving maybe (unsure since the file size are zero) and the cart isn't loading it?

  27. I managed to figure the issue out. It seems you have to send the games to the mini sd instead of sending them some place on the desktop. If you don't send it to the mini sd, it doesn't create the saver folder with the saved states inside. Thanks again for posting this video, i guess my disappointment is gone.

  28. N0 I am sorry my fellow mac user ,but you will have to set up boot camp or run it threw wine.

  29. What brand of micro sd to mini sd adapter did you in the video? I hear some adapter are flaky.

  30. I'm surprised you found any on ebay. Ebay is very strict about anything that could allow piracy or copyright infringement.

  31. yes, there is, it's called the everdrive 64, unfortunately they are even more expensive than this thing, just for the board it's (US Dollars) $100 on the nose, in european money (sorry cant remember what they are called) is exactly 77.18

  32. Could i use this to play snes on my GBA?

  33. I'm another person who can't get saves to work… Do you have or know of a step-by-step guide for doing this that works? I have a directory named "saver" in the root of the card and ran the roms through the EZ-Client software, but it still won't save.

  34. Did you use EZ-Client to physically transfer the ROMs from the PC to the card? You need to tell EZ-Client to place the patched ROM and dummy save file directly onto your memory card and not the PC.

  35. So is that the brighteer screen GBA like AGS-101 or did you mod it?

  36. I plan on getting one of these for the much harder to track down/pricey games -cough-mother-cough

  37. I live in the USA, is there any place online I can buy one of these? And Do they play all GBA games including Japanese Imports?

  38. Has anyone used the Mother 3 english rom with this?

  39. I can't find my SD card from the EZ4 client. Any help?

  40. I'm definitely picking one of these up, along with a Gameboy Micro 🙂

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