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EZ-Flash IV GBA Flashcart – Roms And Homebrew – Nintendo Game Boy Advance

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I finally managed to track down one of these awesome little EZ-Flash IV flashcarts for my GBA. Similar to the EverDrive for Mega Drive/Genesis or the AceKard for DS, the EZ-Flash allows you to put roms and homebrew on an SD card and play them on your GBA.

In this video I go over some of the carts features and give my thoughts on piracy, emulators and the downloading of roms etc.

Overall I’m very impressed with the device and can’t really fault it. I highly recommend tracking one down if you have a GBA!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Best for having a bunch of your favorite gba games on one carterage really.

  2. I ordered one of these of the internet, with a dark blue Gameboy Micro, can't wait for them to arrive 😀

  3. Just ordered one of these after watching your review. To be honest, a fellow Brit saying it's good sealed the deal. Bought mine from Germany through PayPal to be safe.

    And I am /so/ glad someone else shares my views on downloading ROMs for old-gen consoles. The only people making money are the scalpers or ex-collectors that bought them all up. Still trying to get a cheap Blood Omen 1 legit though.

  4. I got my miniSD -> microSD converter stuck in mine. I'm still able to remove the microSD card inside, but I cannot get the converter out at all.

    Rather nice flashcart, software was fairly easy to use, etc. Make sure you don't skip the starting saver bit because that is it reading back from the SRAM and writing that to the SD card, it doesn't do direct to SD writes in game. If you skip it, next game you load will overwrite the SRAM.

    Where did you get that GBC one though?

  5. does it work in the gameboy player for gameube

  6. Please place a Link to the place where you got this.

  7. Where did you get your cart from? I'm also in Scotland but can't find a UK retailer that has them in stock.

  8. Been wanting to get one of these for a while. I was really disappointed to hear you say that it doesn't support GB/GBC games, I've been thinking that it did all along. Has this changed? Is there another GBA flash cart that supports them? The GBA plays regular GB/GBC games fine, why wouldn't the ROMs work?

  9. Hi mate richard here that cart in your gba are u selling it i have a ds light and.just ordered a r4. Cart for ds games but want one to play the gba games on the ds gba slot

  10. I WANNA BUY! Any legitimate site someone recommends? I'm dying to play games I've never played before, especially Japanese games!

  11. Can this work in gameboy player on gamecube

  12. i modded my ds lite so it only has a bottom screen. do you think it can run a snes emulator on this flash cart?

  13. I live in the US and I searched for "gba flash" and found only 3 but they either have no reviews or bad ones. UGHGAA!!!

  14. can it boot gb and gbc ROMs?

  15. try mario party advance in that flashcart y play for a couples of minutes.. I think it will crash

  16. Cool, thank you for the advice! Just a question, is the EZ-Flash program working under windows 7? What are the OS requirements?
    Thank you

  17. You have the coolest shit Man…Bravo on a great new tech I had no idea that it existed!thanks Bro. 🙂

  18. I'm guessing that you can get the ROMs off website like CoolROMs?

  19. If u press L at the start, you cancel the save of the last game played.

  20. Correct 😉 you can play any game that an emulator can. (sorry the bad english)

  21. I've used it in windows XP, 7 and 8 without problems.

  22. hey, u have the same gba sp as Tweeterman287's XD

  23. Would you say that emulation is perfect with this card? have you had any problem with some game?

  24. I do not have this, so I cannot say for sure, but it should be perfect, as it is not emulation. It is running them nativly, so everything should be 100% perfect

  25. do you have a link for the custom skin you installed? thanks for the helpful vid

  26. The only question I have with this is can you play online with friends in games such as pokemon? Thanks!

  27. I got it from a company in Hong Kong called Realhotstuff. You can probably find their site by Googling it. They ship pretty fast, so I'd recommend them.

  28. Hey I've got one of these, new, for sale. Message me for the deets!

  29. Is there a device for a Sega Megadrive which works the same way?

  30. Any idea where i can buy this. Money is not a big problem

  31. the reset option is good so you can save your game even if the battery is dead

  32. Nice! Only problem is I'm having a very hard time finding one to buy online. Ebay included. No one seems to have them. Where could I buy one today?

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