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Explaining Games to Non-Gamers

Nelson Boys
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Yes, we’re from Shiloh and Bros that channel that does Among Us videos! This is our second channel 😁

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  1. Is that guy your friend or is he your brother?


  3. I know when cole was playing, it’s was doors, when Shiloh said “There’s a hundred doors

  4. Oh, this is so much easier than me explaining it to my grandma. You guys are lucky


  6. Me giveing a controller to my baby cousin to 1v1 my friend

  7. 1:10 If you don't feed your characters 5 years they get sad ;w; – BET LINE OF THE VIDEO! love you guys! you make the best videos

  8. 0:42 Danial is doing A Dead Space Reference, the man in a space ship: Issac, All his friends Died, and You have to Fight Aiken Zombies

  9. I can't believe that they referenced Doors. But overall, it is AMAZING! BTW, vid suggestion:- Undertale in Real Life

  10. Pokemon Unite! My favourite! It’s sacred sword and kings sword! It’s BROKEN! The most broken Pokemon ever created.

  11. Fun fact, i actually do play Pokémon unite. 🙂 I’ve played it before they changed maps, and I’m so happy that they got sponsored by it.

  12. When are you going to go make a video of doors

  13. I think I know which game they were talking dead space

  14. Doors leak😮 I hope you make a real life version of it

  15. No offense, but I'd doubt you'd beat me in Doors

  16. 3:20 Is this what you will adapt next? My nieces love your videos, we just never comment on them because we watch them on our televisions.

  17. They did Doors Roblox in this so please do Doors in real life when you can

  18. Um i downloaded the pokemon unite and i do know how to play could you message me on instagram and tell me?

  19. "Then Goku charges at Thanos and Batman who are doing the griddy"

  20. Non gamers be like: Uhm what dose think mean

  21. Shiloh is soooooooooooooooooooo prof this game

  22. This whole time,I was looking at the poppy playtime train picture 😅😂

  23. Hardest thing is to explain and they be like what or I wasn’t listening

  24. Ok when Judah announce the new Pokémon game I went and downloaded it lol


  26. i love pokemon unite its one of my fav games

  27. The fact that they mentioned doors means that the doors roblox game video is coming soon.

  28. Who is dat random guy or is it growth spurt William

  29. Can you do something about genshin or omori please I have been subscribed to you and shiloh and bros for a year or smth so please.

  30. The Minecraft ones are so relatable. Especially the blowing up part. And if he thinks doors is long because of its 100 doors, wait until he gets into the rooms. There’s a 1000 but you can leave around the 200 mark.

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