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Everything Wrong With The Boys “The Name of the Game”

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What if Superheros weren’t so super? Would they still have sins? Yes, plenty of them. With season 2 of “The Boys” here, it’s time to take a look at everything wrong with the pilot “The Name of the Game”!

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  1. I just died on “Consulting the Urban dictionary”. This is too good

  2. Me trying to get out and use my telescope: "Controlling the weather would be a really great super-power. Stupid clouds."

  3. I had the exact same thought about the Nirvana T-shirt

  4. Not surprising that you skipped the Nightclub scenes due to excessive censoring BUT the only purpose for the security cameras with audio would be for blackmailing supes.

  5. Well homelander does kind of look like a mix between Chris Pine and Fassbender

  6. Simon Pegg’s American accent deserves a sin

  7. Je suis d'accord, the opening kill of the GF was outstanding and befitting for a foundational plot point – but I've got tell you, there wasn't one Cylon.

    Please do BSG, dealer's choice.

  8. Na, the girlfriend getting exploded within the first 10 minutes deserves at least 10 sins off.

  9. If it’s a public company a shareholders meeting means anyone could go

  10. A sins channel with an actual voice

  11. I’m so excited that Jensen Ackles is joining the cast. I can’t wait.

  12. Wait, no sin about the deep meeting starlight for the first time? That whole situation. Or was that the second episode?

  13. I think you should have taken a sin off for casting Simon Pegg as Hughie's father considering Simon Pegg is the inspiration for the original Hughie's likeness in the comic book. It's the small things. Couch sinning the sinners for not removing sins.

  14. No i completely disagree with a-train running trough robin was a good beginning.
    i get that he was high on compound v but that does not excuse the following things
    -if he can perceive things around him slower that means that even while on drugs he should still have seen her there.
    -if he did indeed see her but still decided not to stop and then why did he do it? for the lolz?
    -if he didn't see her and it actually was a accident then given that he takes the drug on a regular basis means that he should have had this accident happen to him before
    -if he is so fast that he can turn a full grown adult woman in a red paste that means that his speed alone should have also killed hughie and damage the surrounding area from just his sonic boom
    -never is it stated in the show that he has any sort of resistance to his huge speed so him speeding do mach 3/4 should rip him apart if he turned robin into paste or turn him ablaze
    Speed as a superpower is in my top 3 so seeing such bullshit start the plot of the show and the bullshit coming from a speedster whom mind you is not a new power and a quick search could give you all of the intricate abilities that speed has and before everybody gets on my ass i have stopped watching the show because of this and yes i am a somewhat comic nerd but most of the problems i stated are basic ass physics and for a show like this that takes itself serious i cant let this fly and just accept it BECAUSE THIS IS THE REASON PLOT HAPPENS.

  15. Hey man, don't go hating The Boys. It was a great show.

  16. Why does it say everything spoilers wrong duh with at 0:13 especially when the music video channel just says everything wrong with? you should sin that

  17. I don’t get the Boston joke… is it a I hate Boston joke or do you really think Boston is lawless? I love Boston but that’s just cause I live in MA ( don’t live in Boston though)

  18. 6:21
    Blue Blau you said?
    Was that a catalan reference??!!!
    Did Aaron just spoke catalan in a CinemaSins content!!!?! 🎉 🎉 🎉

    I can't believe it!!!
    I never would've expected you guys to have awareness of the language of my tiny, fairly unknown country.

    A million thanks!!

  19. the main problem with the show is the ommision of the caracter Love Sausage

  20. 1,000 sins to you for putting the idea of a karl urban batman in my head that i am not going to get.

  21. Frenchie is a national treasure… Did you guys know he isn't even french

  22. Sin 30: it's new York I'm pretty sure dudes talking about killing superheroes is the safest thing you'll hear, even in our world

  23. ah, the subtle hamilton references.

  24. Goddamnit, the Urban dictionary. I’m mad at that but at the same time that was pretty good.

  25. You should do Everything Wrong With Threat Level Midnight

  26. TVSins: At least as ignorant of history as CinemaSins. DING

  27. Got an ad for season two while watching this, very hyped 🙂

  28. This show reminds me of The Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson, a book series which technically came out before this.

  29. In Britain “excuse my French” is slang for “I’m about to swear, if you don’t mind.” Mainly because we still hate the French

  30. "meet hughie campbell, a pantsy in a long line of pantsies…"

  31. Hey, where's the sin for the obvious sexual harassment Starlight had to endure her first day there? I love this show lol such a cool concept 😀 Can't wait to see season 2, and with Dean Winchester in season 3, it's going to rock!

  32. So glad you called out that nirvana T-shirt. I thought I was the only one who saw that.

  33. Eh, they don't care about wasting the ammo on Homelander when their families are being paid off by Vought.

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