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Everything Wrong With The Boys “The Name of the Game”

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What if Superheros weren’t so super? Would they still have sins? Yes, plenty of them. With season 2 of “The Boys” here, it’s time to take a look at everything wrong with the pilot “The Name of the Game”!

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  1. Hughie IS supposed to be an idiot, though. Despite us rooting for him. More like Forrest Gump than Beautiful Mind.

  2. I saw this show for the first time last week. It was AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. "How is this surprising to Hughie? We're supposed to be rooting for that idiot right?"
    Me who didn't see it coming the first time I saw: he…he…YEah you…Idiot…hehe

  4. This is the best show.

    The boys not cinemasins

  5. Can you sin, once upon a time the tv show?

  6. Don't think I missed the King George from Hamilton reference lol

  7. I think the exposition videos are there to properly convey the concept that superheroes are just powerful celebrities. It's what the show is about. I immediately understood the corrupt nature of Vought through there overly-produced commercials

  8. Still here for the Hamilton references. Awesome. Wow.

  9. What Starlight is doing is a chinup not a pullup. That is a sin right there.

  10. What i don't get is when Robin died, how did her blood splash in the reverse direction of A-Train and hit Hughie?

  11. I think the bank robbery in the beginning was all fake, and set up by Vought!

  12. I would LOVE to see Frasier (My Coffee with Niles). It would be sass on sass on sass.

  13. How is "Karl Urban's terrible English accent" not a sin? Of the two Kiwis in the main cast, one disappeared into the role, and the other is Karl Urban.

  14. Why is no one talking about the “ineffective Congress” joke??

  15. I still use an alarm clock, phone cannot even stir me.

  16. We're not supposed to be rooting for anyone. This is one of those there are no heroes Vertigo comics. So, I guess it's a sin for "There are no heroes Vertigo comic adaption" cliche.


  17. Are we going to ignore the fact that Hughie enters the ladies room when he goes to "use the bathroom," since Starlight/Annie goes in there and Translucent is already in there because he's a perv?

  18. Missed opportunity
    Hughie: Then who the fuck are you?

    Butcher: I am the Law

  19. Elisaleah Thompshue is probably the sneakiest joke in the whole video. I had to watch that 3 times. So many layers. I never noticed that before

  20. Omg that adventures in babysitting reference just made my day. !!! :: sidenote BTS cast much love , love the casts 🤟🏽

  21. 0:40 in fact, yeah, they are both, only search for the accident of the plane in the serie XD

  22. What is next on the list? Hunters? The man in the high castle? Each could be instantly be sinned for having something to do with Nazis

  23. If Jeremy isn't narrating at least get someone more sarcastic. Maybe someone from Brooklyn.

  24. Huh! Where is Cinema Sins man? When did this dude take over?!

  25. I'm Batman at the end was cherry on cake…

  26. Starlight is hot and apparently you can see her uterus in that costume according to Stormfront

  27. 5:37 Because you can only wear a band shirt if that band is in your top 3 favorites? It's not possible to like James Taylor, S&G, Billy Joel, and Nirvana?

    Why does everybody despise Jimmy Fallon?

    The whole "superheroes but they do more harm than good" thing is dumb and been done to death.

  28. I love the boys.

    Wait a minute…..that doesn't sound right at all.

  29. seriously not gonna give a sin to Translucent’s horrrible American accent???? my God it was so bad i searched it, expecting him to be like French or Spanish, and it turns out he’s just a Brit. that’s gotta be the worst brit-to american accent ever put to tv— esp scenes w hughie when he’s in the cage. yikes 😬 🤦🏻‍♀️

  30. No sin on tearing up the $45,000 check? Use their money against them dammit!

  31. If Youtube wouldn't demonetize you for farting on camera, there would be way more sins in this video

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