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Everything Wrong With The Boys “The Name of the Game”

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What if Superheros weren’t so super? Would they still have sins? Yes, plenty of them. With season 2 of “The Boys” here, it’s time to take a look at everything wrong with the pilot “The Name of the Game”!

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  1. If Youtube wouldn't demonetize you for farting on camera, there would be way more sins in this video

  2. It's more of a sin that we haven't done one of these for every single episode so far

  3. This hd to be a challenge to find footage they could put in this. This show was NASTY. Case in point the Starlite and Aquaman rip-off scene.

  4. 7:32 in the cómics he is a federal, si os suprising to the fan comic of the show

  5. Random, I know, but I wish you'd do Columbo.

  6. My best friend once got a mysterious rash on the back of her leg from a park bench when she was a kid, park benches are gross

  7. Do more episodes of the boys pleaseeeeee ❤️

  8. Now I want to see a Karl Urban BATMAN movie.

  9. Came here to see if I should be more critical of this show then I am… those sins were really weak so I guess not.

  10. This really need a whole section of "discount stars" since everyone looks like a famous actor.
    Like discount Chris Pine, discount Amy Adams, discount Jesse Eisenberg, just to name a few.

  11. 1:02 also, pretending to use tech jargon by saying words that exist but mean nothing in context.

  12. Fun Fact: While Starlight hates the costume she gets when she joins the Seven, her actress has stated that she loves it.

  13. At 8:52 when the sin is there is a crowd and big corporate announcement at a shareholders meeting and then I remember 10th Dec 2020's Disney's Investors Day

  14. Glad to see you took sins off for the A-Train murder scene. I remember I could not believe that had happened when I first watched it.

  15. this show is so underrated. i love it so much

  16. Wait… There's no sin for NOT having surveillance cameras in a tech store? How convenient because it will show an invisible force clearly attacking Hughie and them justified in defending themselves!

  17. The perfect superhero is someone with a time controlling power and the ability to not harm things while interacting with them in slowed time.

  18. Great video! Also: "Noir" in french, is not only used to name the color. It can also be used as a noun for "obscurity" in general or the clothes you wear at a funeral: "porter le noir" or "wear the black". It's also a type of film, mainly somber detective films rife with suspense and murder (Film noir).
    All in all, a badass name, actually.

  19. I thought when butcher said the semi transparent joke you would say " Karl Urban would be great at TVSins" lmao

  20. I live on my own and I always put the seat down; weirdly, my mom since remarrying always leaves the seat up when she visits and uses the bathroom. Idk why I shared this, I just didn’t want to be the only one thinking about this

  21. No one is going to sin how weak the super women are in the show? Its why I stopped watching it.

  22. The thing at the beginning took away any enjoyment could've had from this show. It's definitely bold but I tried to watch this during a tough time and it was upsetting.

  23. Homelander is basically Patrick Bateman with superpowers

  24. My dad and I noticed the Black Noir name and now he is forever known as Black Black to us

  25. Why would a company obsessed with marketing the heroes hire an invisible guy who can't be put on posters or have action figures made of of him?

  26. Enough with the location caption gag, millions of non Americans have no clue where Des Moines is so it doesnt work just sinning any location caption, its got to be a really generalised easy one like London or Paris, provinces are not known to all of us. I dont even know American states half the time especially when you people abbreviate them and then just expect us all to know them. We dont. So that caption is necessary.

  27. Can't wait for season 3!!!!!! Btw, love your channels xxxx

  28. So, they were kissing in the middle of what must have been a street with a 400 MPH speed limit?

    Maybe not doing so much training on causing a light because she needs the strength training? Kinda like why just train the next League of Legends tournament when your body still needs physical exercise?

  29. Considering later we see people like stormfront… how were translucent, starlight, and honestly even the deep ever really part of the top 7 to be honest…??

  30. 2:10 The Sin here is the lousy excuse Vought came up with to counter A-Trains Murdering that Chick. He is a Speedster and a part of the Speedster Package is Enhanced Perception of Time and Impossibly fast reflexes. He had all the time in the world to avoid that chick otherwise he would be crashing into everything.

  31. Except Boston lol. I grew up 20 min from Boston and it's true.

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