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Everything GREAT and TERRIBLE about Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy games…

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I’ve been waiting for this for SO LONG. Game Boy and Game Boy Advance libraries bring a lot of fantastic games to the Nintendo Switch. But they also bring a lot of questionable decisions…


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  1. I think you're a great selection of games! 😡

  2. Why pay for membership when you can play FREE rom games on the 3DS just fine?

  3. Nintendo should make GBA style joycons! Those would work really great with not only GB and GBA games but also with NES and SNES games!

  4. I was genuinely looking at roms for oracle of ages and oracle of seasons along with the minish cap, so when I saw the direct, it was actually perfectly timed

  5. you have the option to re-map the buttons on the general settings for the Switch

  6. I'm hoping the Gameboy pokemon R/B/Y/G/S/C is inside the Gameboy tower of the N64 Stadium games with transfer options. That would be amazing!

  7. lol when the best releases is 20+ years old emulators.

  8. After playing emulators with increased game speed, I don't think I can go back to 1x speed, especially for Pokemon games.

  9. I'm close to upgrading if it wasn't for my immense library and untouched backlog. If this was the virtual console and I could purchase each game separately at a premium I'd buy them all and add them to my backlog almost certainly though. I feel like I'd play these games for maybe a month and then be over it. All that being said I'm really glad they brought these games/systems to NSO and it's good to see Nintendo consistently adding value to the service.

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only person struggling to play Goldeneye on Switch 😂

  11. Wulff knows how to get me to watch the ads. Well done sir

  12. "Why can't I remap controls in 2023?" Is actually today's running theme for me😅

  13. There are high hopes for pokemom games since the eshop is shutting down AND stadium is coming and general consensus is that is just not tenable with only the rental pokemon

  14. I had the same reaction watching that direct. So damn hype!

  15. Great video as always, interesting stuff for the switch, guess we will see what games come from the game boy and game boy advanced, keep it up!

  16. Game & Watch 3 was the first game I booted up when I got the Gameboy selection loaded onto my Switch, haha. The classic versions of the games are like the old handheld Game & Watch systems, which I'm not as interested in, but the gameboy carts had made modern versions of those games and I still enjoy playing those for short bursts.

  17. Not worth paying 45 to play old games I can emulate for free

  18. PLAY KURU KURU KURURIN! I played it through when I was about 13 years old and we were at holidays in spain with my best buddies. I love this game. Highly addictive when the flow hits you. ❤

  19. I'd rather just be able to buy the game instead of subscribe to another Pass subscription.

  20. YESSS! 28 year old roms we get to pay monthly for!!!!!!

  21. If you watch Austin Johns Plays in his new video today he had a friend that was able to get into the internal system for the online games. He change the name of the existing Roms to Pokémon game names and they worked flawlessly. So I think we’re going to get the roms on the online pass but they’ll wait till Pokémon day to announce it.

  22. You’re really missing out on Minish Cap. It’s great

  23. Zelda Ages and Seasons? Ill be going back to middle school there! Fuck yes!

  24. A little late to the party Nintendo? 6 years really? I'll just keep playing my emulator on my steam deck.

  25. I like how you pronounce Mario properly and not 'Morio' like most Americans.

  26. Been playing a lot more than Tetris for Gameboy. Tetris, Kirby's Dreamland, Link's Awakening, Gargoyles, Super Mario Land 2. There's lot of games worth playing

  27. Makes me laugh when people think the original pokemon games will be available LOL. Too much money to be lost in that one for Nintendo.

  28. Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming to Game Boy online so that means other Pokemon games will too. Add that to the Stadium games coming to N64 online. Those would go great with Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

  29. Ive never seen anyone get so hype for game boy emulation😂

  30. Display with small screen is only good in my opinion when you’re playing handheld

  31. The fact that there's not a single pokemon game on here is a complete joke.

  32. The problem is that it’s only 6 games on expansion pack. Why??

  33. G&W Gallery 3, is still one of my top 3 favorite Gameboy games…

  34. The "smaller screen" effect is for handheld mode. I have an OLED model and compared the sizes of my Gameboy Color screen and the size of the screen from the Switch Gameboy resize effect and they're not quite the same. I'm sure if I was running it on my original Switch it'd match up to scale properly or at least more similar in size.

  35. Who's going to play the recently released pokémon games if all the classics was added? The children who's into graphics, while the fans replay classics.

  36. Why aren’t these game FUlL SCREEN!! Come on

  37. They need to let players play the games they paid for on 3ds since alot of people have bought pokemon games in the eshop.

  38. What happen to the savefile when the subscription ends?

  39. Bob, what are your thoughts on the Switch OLED having owned one (or two) for a while now? Still worth the upgrade in 2023?

  40. errr I hope you realize if Nintendo didn't do the scaling sizes the way that they did with the Gameboy games it would cause the image itself to shimmer making it unpleasant.

  41. Am i the only one that wants Jackal to be playable on the switch? I loved that game.

  42. There’s no way this guy just said he has no interest in playing the Minish cap. Actual monster

  43. Regarding Golden Eye:

    -"Solitaire" control scheme
    -swap sticks either in the switch settings, or…
    -…ideally own a controller like the 8bitdo Ultimate to remap sticks and shoulder buttons
    -maybe get thumbstick caps to deal with sensitivity issues. I have a set ranging from 2mm to 12mm additional height

    Almost plays like a modern shooter now.

  44. Ayo but when are the Virtual Boy games coming on?

  45. Will these work on my old atomic purple game boy color?

  46. Good lawd… I completely forgot about warioware inc

  47. Thank you Bob. You helped me fall asleep tonight. Tinnitus flaring up so bad I can only hear the "peeeeep" but I put this video on and listened to it and it helps and calms me enough to be able to sleep. ♥️🛌

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