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Every Cancelled Game Boy Advance Game (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon + more)

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We take a look at EVERY cancelled Game Boy Advance game, including Nintendo’s own GBA games and many interesting scrapped titles featuring Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man.

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  1. I'm seeing a pattern with 2003 being a bad year for the GBA

  2. Yet despite this, GBA was littered with shitty games regardless.

  3. This was a great video. I love the longer videos. Something nice to put on in the background.

  4. gba games are so ugly. a lot of them, visually, just don't hold up at all.

  5. 1. 10:20 Yoshi's Story and Yoshi Topsy-Turvy were on N64 and GBA respectively. I could imagine the 3D remastered Yoshi's Story and Yoshi Topsy-Turvy.
    2. 32:50 Dino is pronounced DEE-no or DIE-no? (He's adorable just like Yoshi back in the 10-minute mark😊🦖❤❤❤, but his name is questionable🤔❓❔).

  6. This video came right on que as I've been playing my GBA like mad lately

  7. Technically, Tetris on the GameBoy wasn't the original.

  8. i like the megaman in the thumbnail, the artstyle fits him

  9. ok, I'm here. I'm watching. It's not Mother's Day and I have time

  10. Re: the video you posted last week speculating whether or not YouTube was censoring this video: I did see this video in my YouTube feed the day it came out, I just didn’t click on it because i wasn’t interested in the topic

  11. When you dirty delete your video about how you didn't get views cause it was mothers day weekend and you posted an hour long video and got salty over it. We won't ignore this, it shows your expectation of how highly you guys consider yourself. Step off your thrown, you are literally just another channel.
    Yall lost this subscriber.

  12. Nintendo DS or Gameboy Color would be interesting!

  13. I like long videos. I like nestling and getting immersed.
    I had to watch this video in 6 parts at different times with a good few hours 'rest' in between.

    DYKG? Sort it out!

  14. Remember when they complained that the algorithm was hiding this video from viewers even though they released it on Mother’s Day? Lol

  15. It's insane how powerful the GBA was, having fully 3D games like racing ones, fighting games, even RTS games. Also having extra hardware inside the cartridges (like gyroscopes) is so cool. Feels like the golden age of creativity in games is over.

  16. Seems like a lot of game studios went out of business in 2003. Is that just a coincidence or possibly after-effects of dot-com crash?

  17. So now it would be a good idea if you guys went for a roomhack video

  18. This video is just too long guys, break it up next time, I can't commit over an hour to this even though I'm sure it's very interesting

  19. I can’t believe a 2 million sub channel really put out a video on their main channel whining about a drop in views. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a YouTube channel do that. Tweet about it? Sure. But to actually upload a whole video, that was a first haha.

  20. 229k people saw this
    youtube is hiding our video

  21. So basically GBA games were cancelled due:
    A) It was technically too ambitious.
    B) The publisher was bought/went down i.e.(Rare, TDK).

  22. Between the whole Billy Mitchell fiasco and fishing for views and impressions on this video, this is your second strike.

  23. How many times are you going to use "imposing" to describe the graphics of these games lol

  24. That sims game has a dialogue screen that reminds me so fucking much of the tingle games

  25. 32:40 "Grand IP" GRAND DAD…. FLEENSTONES?! Seriously, is this a Vinesauce referance

  26. There was another cancelled GBA game for a planned Nicktoons Title. Shocked how this one how this one was even missed.

    Nicktoons: Nick All-Stars was planned to be released either Q3 or Q4 2004, being Published by THQ. The only proof for it's existence is an old private Nickelodeon store called "Communickation" which once housed episodes, news clips, and other things for various Nickelodeon shows. This site had no longer use for this, as a lot of the assets are now housed on "Nick Central".

    Proof: https://spongebob.fandom.com/wiki/Nicktoons:_Nick_All_Stars

  27. Wasn't planning to watch the whole thing, somehow did anyway. This stuff always is more interesting than I expected.

  28. Ok, NOW I'll watch the video. If that's ok with you?

  29. Who else remembers the 5 minute video of them complaining that we didn't watch this video enough times and they deleted it cause it had sooooo many dislikes? Was funny watching a huge channel cry about their numbers on an hour video compiled of their other videos

  30. i loved my gb advanced i took it everywhere…i had the clear purple one.

  31. I am concerned about your channel. I am really interested in these videos, I just don't have the time or the patience to sit down for an hour to watch a YouTube video. I'm sure many people would be more inclined to see these videos, If you had the hour-long video and have the video broken up into segments.

    If your video is about 10 minutes, then I usually watch them during my lunch breaks at work.

  32. Good video, shame you had to beg people to watch it.

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