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Every Cancelled Game Boy Advance Game (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon + more)

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We take a look at EVERY cancelled Game Boy Advance game, including Nintendo’s own GBA games and many interesting scrapped titles featuring Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man.

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  1. Jeez, developers were really into making ambitious custom 3D engines for this thing. It's like years earlier when you saw 3D rendered games on the SEGA Genesis because the processor had the overhead to pull it off… but that didn't translate to functionally enjoyable games.

  2. Ever since Microsoft bought out Rare things haven’t been the same. Some games after the buyout, like Viva Piñata, were great (and I used to love watching the Viva Piñata cartoon) but it just isn’t the same. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts And Bolts sucks

  3. The Zelda windwaker GBA game should've gotten a another chance as well as the Static shock GBA game

  4. Donkey Kong Plus is the only one of these I’m pretty upset about. I love DK94 and Mario Vs. DK isn’t nearly as good.

  5. mmo pokemon dear god, MANNN I wish that were a thing

  6. Are you telling me there was a point where Harry Potter could've been in Smash?

  7. Why didn't the GBA make an original Super Mario game?

  8. isn't the last song from the crash game for gba? I remember it being the temple level theme?

  9. Can someone explain what that Mother's Day controversy is about? Can't find anything about it online.

  10. Shinen multi media want to test their 3D engine so they made a 2D racing game, makes sense to me

  11. I'd love to se a Cancelled PS2 Games video! <3

  12. Seeing pikachu using thunder on wailord reminded me of the same scene from what pokemon battle revolution was originally going to be

  13. I'm pretty sure not all versions of Rolling were canned. After all, I have an official Xbox version on my shelf.

  14. I remember when I was a kid there were preorders at EB Games for Dragon Ball GT Transformation 2 on the GBA, then later I was refunded because they said the game was cancelled. Can't find much info about it online, but a few places say the game was in development at some point or another.

  15. I flinched when they tried to pronounce 'Moorhuhn Jagd'…

  16. I’ve played the Simpson hit on a Emu I thought it was a real game lol 😂

  17. I Thought I Was The Only Person Who Played iNinja. Good GameCube Days

  18. Nintendo pitched JK Rowling to develop a Harry Potter game. She instead licensed Warner Bros. to develop the games. Just let that sink in.


  20. Canned xbox games if there are canned games for Xbox

  21. I think it was for the best that that game never materialized with the title "Splunge"

  22. 1:37 nono, they actually did! in pokemon x and y, you could catch a pokemon named vivillion, a butterfly with large colourful wings. the vivillion would have a different wing pattern depending on your region. i think there were around 22 wing patterns?

  23. Did You Know Gaming referencing Nancy Drew games is one of the greatest moments of my life.

  24. Weird a popup came up when I clicked this that said I shouldn't watch this video. hmm..

  25. I remember playing hit and run on gba… ?

  26. That Secret of Mana remake art looks EXACTLY like Magical Vacation. I had no idea they were the same artist.

  27. I've always wanted a GBA port for hit and run and now I'm pissed

  28. I think you missed Blue Angelo by Virtual Spaghetti… which was only released on the GP32 and never saw the light of the day on the GBA (shame, as it was a neat Metroid-like game… I was lucky enough to get one and play it)

  29. FUCK, those where images of FF Tactics Advance, now i have to do it
    Time to do another 300 hours on FFTA2 lol

  30. Unplanned games that will make Nintendo afraid:
    Kikoriki (Смешарики) (GBA Video) – 2003-2006;
    Moonzy (Лунтик) – 2006.

  31. The first gba game of HP was so good. What the hell happened when they made the 2nd one?

  32. Wasn't Samus supposed to be in Diddy Kong's place?
    I think I remember her being there… Or was it another one?

  33. The Rick Dangerous issue would have been settled with a firm crack across the skull with some sort of foreign object, or a vaccine application of lead, copper, and gunpowder between the eyes.

  34. Daaaaamn I can't believe Lady Sia had a cancelled sequel. Love the music in the first game

  35. The GBA era, also known as the "old indie" era

  36. 1:06:23 Imagine trying to play a game on the GBA without a cartridge inserted 😂

  37. Which cancelled game do you most wish saw an official release on GBA?

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