Donkey Kong Longplay (Game Boy) [60 FPS] -

Donkey Kong Longplay (Game Boy) [60 FPS]

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Developed and published by Nintendo in 1994

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  1. I remember Donkey Kong's sprite being mirrored for Wreck-it-Ralph.

  2. This is so perfect!!! It is a full game now!!!

  3. This is without doubt on top 3 of best games for gameboy!

  4. I'll never forget when I was 12 years old and I got this game for my birthday and my family went on a vacation to the Sequoia is in the snow and I played this game the whole drive up there

  5. 45:02 tôi không tìm thấy cái cánh cửa để mở khoá trước khi xem video này 😁

  6. Anyone else died on purpose sometimes just because it sounds funny? 😂😂

  7. The gameplay was so good it had no right being on the Game Boy! Timeless masterpiece

  8. You know some dude who played the arcade donkey kong was bummed out at first, thinking he just bought a port of the arcade Donkey Kong.

    You know damn well he probably pogged when he saw that there was more to than just 25m.

  9. Fun fact. This game’s success is the reason they expanded the donkey Kong series into its own.

  10. Even though people would’ve preferred colored graphics, you gotta admit; these Gameboy games look pretty good in black and white.
    Also I am sure that one of the good factors to the success of the Gameboy was this very game

  11. Fun fact Is he plays donkey kong 2 hours

  12. what an absolute monster game, this was spot on!!! amazing

  13. Man this brings back so many memories

  14. I would love for this game to get a modernized remake!

  15. My favorite game boy game!! I love how the 1st 3 levels start from the original Donkey Kong from the 80's and then it branches off into a more complex game with each stage and level.

  16. Plot: "Oh, No! Donkey Kong Just Kidnapped Lady Julie, Again. Fear Not! Jumpman Will Save The Day. Have You Got What It Takes?

  17. That photo with the credits always puzzled me. DK, Mario, Pauline and Diddy(?) are all smiling happily. DK looks a bit sad, sure, but he's still grinning. DK probably looks sad because he lost……the game? Because that's what it appears to have been (even within the game's story), right? You would NEVER see Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser and the Koopalings posing for a photo like that!

  18. This Is The Original Game Of Donkey Kong

  19. Eu zero esse jogo toda hora. Ainda demoro explorando segredos pra pegar a chave mais rapido

  20. one of the beat games for the gb… a classic!

  21. The screen for the Nintendo Game Boy is actually 4 ugly shades of green in real-life

  22. This umbrella was in super smash bros because in my pass l dont knew It whats the mean the word umbrella and now when l was watching the video musical umbrella of Rihanna next l know now about the umbrella in english mean in spanish paraguas o sombrilla because lm mexican my friends

  23. This hammer was in the videogame in super smash bros melee when many personages they used this hammer to destroy to the many enemies

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