Do the Game Boys in Shadow Boxes actually work? Let's find out! -

Do the Game Boys in Shadow Boxes actually work? Let’s find out!

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Thanks for the shadow box GridStudio! Was lots of fun putting it back together, haha. This one is for @Martin Refseth “HDR” 🙂

Tools and supplies I use:
Soldering iron:
Iron stand:
Solder wick:
Hot air station:
Screwdriver set:
JIS Screwdriver:
Scalpel handle:
Scalpel blades:
Silicone mat:
Metal spudger:
Metal tweezers:
Plastic tweezers:
Flush trim cutters:


  1. This guy is like the Bob Ross of gameboy

  2. Alcohol removes hot glue like nobodys business

  3. I can imagine that they just use broken game boys and put them in nice display cases just to earn some money back on the ones that were broken and got returned

  4. I would have rather kept it in the shadow box lol

  5. A way to get a new/used Game boy, in today's age.

  6. This was definitely worth every second of watching 👍💯 and I have now subscribed.

  7. You definitely voided the warranty on that shadow box

  8. Next time you have to remove hot glue just use IPA.

  9. it's so bizarre yet cool that these little shadowboxes meant for showcasing the components are actually functional! I really didn't expect the Gameboy to have it's software on it, but it does which is super cool!

  10. well, you destroyed it by removing it from the frame, fair to say it's not a working gameboy lol.

  11. "To clean the power switch, um, I like to do is MEOW get a scalpel…"


  12. That thumbnail scared the hell out of me…. I was like "It opens from the back" 🙀

  13. Am I the only 1 still curious what was going on with the speaker.

  14. what a waste of a system… I hope this isn’t a popular trend to take apart thing that are no longer produced and glue the parts to boards 🤦‍♂️

  15. That cat in the background made me laugh

  16. 23:12 Can you still make a game that asks that question these days without triggering somebody?

  17. This video should be titled "the most expensive way to buy a gameboy"

  18. I actually want to make one of these shadow boxes with a switch in it but need to buy a few damaged switches first

  19. The system that was never intended to be played was made with defective parts. Makes sense.

  20. I can't believe the speaker started working after u put it together that was crazy

  21. Dude seriously don’t have anything better than a round screwdriver to pry. This is so cringe use a spatula or even a flathead.

  22. It mean to be on wall… They use glue because it is easier and stronger prevent parts Fallin apart while shipping.

  23. As someone who has no idea what they're talking about – couldn't you just wick the solder on the caps?

  24. Dude spent like $400 on a fucking heavily used gameboy color lmao

  25. Really gotta upgrade that soldering iron bro.

  26. Couldn’t get past the first 30 seconds. Was like eating cardboard while watching paint dry

  27. I don't think they do. since a working good condition one would prob be worth more sold as is.

  28. here's a crazy idea. why not wire the Gameboy up so it can work when in the frame? have a small daughter board outside the frame you can use as a controller. so you can play games on your art!

  29. Dudes just stabbing away at the battery

  30. Please show the cat. I feel like after hearing him/her meow for 30 mins it's only fair – lol.

  31. I wanted a game boy brick again being I am the first generation who had one when you all were just a sparkle in your daddies eye. Then I came to my senses. 👀 It sucked !!!! SEGA NOMAD and Turbo grafx 16 portable and Atari Lynx we're the best.

  32. In the thumb nail you smashed the frame. I hate clickbait 😡

  33. I got jelly when my brother got this as a birthday gift. I didn’t even get one but for Christmas I got the game boy color and bought the game off my brother with some allowance money

  34. wow, i never knew lego would release a gameboy set that works! Its awesome

  35. acetone would have made taking it out of the box a lot easier without damaging the parts

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