Diamondsonmydick & Hi-c - Blood Rain Boys The Game (Full Game) -

Diamondsonmydick & Hi-c – Blood Rain Boys The Game (Full Game)

Joseph Of Arimathea
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1. SSJ Blood Rayne Boyz (Prod. by Hi-c) 0:00
2. Diamondsonmydick & Sickboyrari – Can’t Die Broke (Prod. by Hi-c) 3:08
3. Hi-c – Till My Thumbs Bleed (Prod. By Hi-c & Krxxk) 5:38
4. Milso x Diamondsonmydick x Hi-c – Reptilian World Order (Prod. by Agoff) 8:08
5. Diamondsonmydick – FW My Drip (Prod. by Hi-c) 11:40
6. Diamondsonmydick – Um Uh Pull Up (Prod. by Hi-c) 14:53
7. Diamondsonmydick & Hi-c – Vampire Osama Gang666 (Prod. BMB Sayda) 16:38


  1. The SGOD Spellcast is probably way better than the Sega Dreamcast

  2. “Fuck them straps I beat you ass up, it was just me he thought it was 5 of us” they wordplay is in another dimension

  3. First song fire as fuck.. that beat on some Pep Rally shit lol

  4. Aria of Sorrow also do be hittin a lil xtra

  5. Best game on You Tube.

    Spellcast is the hottest shit ive heatd!!!!!

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