Diamondsonmydick & Hi-c - Blood Rain Boys The Game (Full Game) -

Diamondsonmydick & Hi-c – Blood Rain Boys The Game (Full Game)

Joseph Of Arimathea
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1. SSJ Blood Rayne Boyz (Prod. by Hi-c) 0:00
2. Diamondsonmydick & Sickboyrari – Can’t Die Broke (Prod. by Hi-c) 3:08
3. Hi-c – Till My Thumbs Bleed (Prod. By Hi-c & Krxxk) 5:38
4. Milso x Diamondsonmydick x Hi-c – Reptilian World Order (Prod. by Agoff) 8:08
5. Diamondsonmydick – FW My Drip (Prod. by Hi-c) 11:40
6. Diamondsonmydick – Um Uh Pull Up (Prod. by Hi-c) 14:53
7. Diamondsonmydick & Hi-c – Vampire Osama Gang666 (Prod. BMB Sayda) 16:38


  1. “Fuck them straps I beat you ass up, it was just me he thought it was 5 of us” they wordplay is in another dimension

  2. The SGOD Spellcast is probably way better than the Sega Dreamcast

  3. First song fire as fuck.. that beat on some Pep Rally shit lol

  4. Aria of Sorrow also do be hittin a lil xtra

  5. Best game on You Tube.

    Spellcast is the hottest shit ive heatd!!!!!

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