CRAZY Nintendo Game Boy Color Accessory -

CRAZY Nintendo Game Boy Color Accessory

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There have been many weird accessories made for the Nintendo Game Boy and the the Game Boy Color alike throughout their respective life spans. Somewhere along the line this beast the “Handy Pak Color” was made and I was lucky enough to pick one up! What accessories did you use with your Game Boys?



  1. I never felt that the magnifying lense actually made the screen bigger. Just distorted it enough to seem bigger. Especially since the dimensions were exactly the same as the screen lol.

  2. Bruh you didn't do it right. You can pull up the screen magnifier lens. It makes the screen look bigger. That's the best feature!

  3. I had this thing for the brick. Loved it. Let me play in the dark. Cut off the joystick tho, it was just a t shape that could rotate between the dpad.

  4. Shit was awesome, I had one in the past. Super awesome accessory

  5. Does your pokemon pinball have the rumble function. Mine does

  6. Why do I discover all these amazing accessories for my all time favorite systems 20 years later!?

  7. All this and Nintendo STILL didn't put a light in that shit till the SP. As far as design and portability, the SP by far was my favorite. I played my advance like a fiend and as a child I could see the very obvious improvements and treated it alot better because I didn't want to go back to begging my mom to buy batteries, and not being able to see the screen without an immediate light source. I really remember watching those full cartoon network episodes on it and thinking it was so bad ass because it was night time, I was able to see, AND I was watching one of my favorite shows. Life was simple back then, now it's more complicated but I like being an adult alot more. The toilet paper is good quality, and my mom never would have gotten a surround sound, 4k tv, or any of the new consoles so yeah. Good memories, but I'm glad I'm here now 😅

  8. I can actually use this! I have a Gameboy color!

  9. Never had or seen that one before, my brother had some form of attachment that was a battery pack and also rumble I think?

  10. I had something similar, but better quality and the magnifier extended outward. Thing was a beast!

    Edit- not for GBC though, mine was on a classic GB.

  11. The joystick had to feel like that because it's a joystick that's just pushing in the dpad looks cool in actual practice it's just a gimmick

  12. Porqué todos los accesorios de gameboy se abren como Transformers?

  13. Yeah there was one called the handyboy for the original game boy

  14. Consola portátil y donde me llevo eso

  15. I always wanted one as a kid. But for the original gameboy

  16. Just like the Handy Boy I had for the OG Gameboy.

  17. I had this and the other light thing for it

  18. That is a magnifier, you're supposed to pull it straight out, and yes I had one, also had the rechargeable battery packs that latched to the battery compartment.

  19. I have an earlier version for original gameboy same color tone, but no button upgrades sound magnification and lights was awesome

  20. i remember this one and many other useless gameboy accessories from the nerd episode of the same name.. good times

  21. I had this. Your supposed to pull the magnifying lens out from the back, not the front. You do it that way and it will brake. Be careful!

  22. Had one of those. You extend the screen magnifier by pinching the sides of the lens and pulling it outward. Don't break it off trying to get to those switches lol.

  23. had this as a kid. it was handy, magnified the screen, and had a built in light. It was awesome to use at night secretly or long road trips when lighting was not consistent. The sound actually was quite decent as well. heavy but worth it. 4/5 stars, 1 star less for being a fast battery drain.

  24. I still have this. It uses a couple batteries, or it came with a splitter cable that plugs into it and the Game not so both could be powered by a single AC adapter. Lost that cable over twenty years ago now.

    Oh, and…you don't just pry that magnifying screen up like a brute to work the switches. You pull the magnifier straight forward. It's kinda useless without pulling it out. Give it a try, the magnifier and lights work a lot better that way.

  25. Yeah, I used to use one of these, but even if I hadn't, I'd make sure I knew how to lift the screen magnifier before making a video about it!

  26. “Who in their right mind would name their game company S-T-D?!?!?!!

  27. I have the same thing but for my normal Gameboy, it's called the "handyboy"

  28. I had one mine was clear and purple the glare was horrible and it gave me headache I only used on car rides at night

  29. I loved this thing but had to carry extra batteries. Was worth it for road trips at night.

  30. I had a gameboy advanced magnifying screen but no speakers. It was like being a king walking passed the peasants.

  31. When games consoles used to be transformers

  32. If any of you guys use this, you guys are demons

  33. It’s basically the handy boy
    But for Gameboy Color

  34. Yooooo I had the same exact thing on the same color gameboy! I never thought I’d see that again wow

  35. This is actually the descendant of the one for the 1989 Game Boy!

  36. I remember playing Pokemon Blue with this on road trips as a kid.

  37. I actually got a teal GameBoy Color, this accessory, & the Interact PulsePak Color.
    Fun Fact: So long everything's connected, & the HandyPak Color has batteries, you won't get the PulsePak vibrations, but you WILL get sound from the HandyPak speakers! (I tried it with no batteries in PulsePak, & it worked)

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