Crazy Game Boy Console Mod! | Retrohai DMG-103 -

Crazy Game Boy Console Mod! | Retrohai DMG-103

This Does Not Compute
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There’s been a wide variety of Game Boy console mods through the years…but this one from Retrohai is especially ambitious.

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Big thank you to viewer Sean for sending this one in!


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  1. Retrohai is a really cool dude, his work really interests me. I definitely want to buy one of his consoles one day

  2. Nice seeing fellow diy handheld makers projects being showcased on your channel! I may even have one in the future. 😉

  3. This unit is a year old! I have one that that I just got it a few days ago! He makes an exceptional work! Point me to someone else that does this similar or better.


  5. That is so messy. Is it bad to assume that it isn't made to last very long?

  6. Looks like a fire waiting to happen on the inside!

  7. omg thanks for this. i follow him on instagram and i’ve always wanted to see the inside of his systems. it is not pretty and i wouldn’t never pay what he’s asking.. $299 for a Dmg103 and $499 for the dual screen one lol

  8. Thanks for going back to the original format I prefer this other than the mega drive video you did.

  9. Love the idea, but not sure about the execution.. All those wire and hotglue .. I wonder on the durability of the device, it seems prone to hardware failure. It seems a tremendous amount of hand work 😊

  10. why not just use the original console? There is really no point to make this.

  11. The inside is a complete mess… How you got it open without destroying any cables

  12. wow this is a really messy one , ive seen others way cleaner that hes done

  13. That is INSANE. How the hell could anyone do the amount of work it takes to make one?

  14. If this sucker starts to heat up, it will probably explode in your hands! "Game Bomb" glue edition (very limited edition)

  15. bitelaserkhalif 平家boy천궁파워서플라이 says:

    That looks like car wiring. Full of mess.

  16. that is a disgustingly dirty mod… and way too much hotsnot tbh

  17. So looks like this is the best Gameboy for Kirby Tilt n' Tumble.

  18. Omg I love this guy's stuff I follow him on Instagram

  19. Does anybody know where to find the screen P6 ribbon cable extender?? 3:57

  20. 2:28

    Ah yes, I knew you wouldn't let me down!

    I think a lot of people don't understand why a lot of these mods exist for these old consoles, and I think the answer is relatively simple. While it is true that an AGS-101 can play GBA games with the least amount of effort, and perhaps a DS Lite is more practical than this mod, the fact is that we have a lot of nostalgic value in these original consoles. Whether its the DMG or the GBC, they're the consoles that birthed our love of video games, and if we can "update" them with mods to make them fun and exciting once again, well that's the true value behind modding them. It's not about playing a GameBoy Advance game, or a Nintendo DS game. It's about giving our cherished old consoles new life, or a new purpose. That satisfaction is beyond the practicality of any console.

  21. Crazy insight to the amount of work inside this build, hopefully retrohai gets to the point where it can be much tidier on the inside. Great talent and i'll continue to follow his progress

  22. Damn I was like clean until you opened the shell looks like a porcupine died in there

  23. Don’t support this at all, I repair and mod gameboys but I always keep the original hardware which needs to be preserved and enjoyed with just a pro sound and backlit bivert lcd mod you can bring out the best of the gameboy, whereas this is just Frankenstein’s monster…

  24. I had one before/ and can not find it now

  25. Nope I won't spend money on that. It look unrepairable if it falls. I expected more TBH. I mean it's hard work but the amount of glue. No reason why he hides all the work he does

  26. This is pretty sick. I was actually planning on making one of these and calling it "Gameboy Enhanced"

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