Crazy Game Boy Console Mod! | Retrohai DMG-103 -

Crazy Game Boy Console Mod! | Retrohai DMG-103

This Does Not Compute
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There’s been a wide variety of Game Boy console mods through the years…but this one from Retrohai is especially ambitious.

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Big thank you to viewer Sean for sending this one in!


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  1. This is pretty sick. I was actually planning on making one of these and calling it "Gameboy Enhanced"

  2. Once I went to game stop bought the original ds and it was clearly modded because as soon as I turned it on it played the 3ds start up screen…

  3. Much like Drakon's mod work ouch lol dam hate seeing bad mod work like dat xD

  4. what on earth????????????????????????????????

  5. I message the guy that make these consoles yesterday and he gave me a list of his products. Well I maybe would of purchased one if the inside had some form of wire management. I feel like the inside is waiting for something terrible to happen like a short or sparks. With the price of these consoles the risk of the console may or may not be working in the future isn't worth it to me.

  6. pleeeeeaaase contact him and tell him he should make the touchscreen working, with the topscreen possible to add via a port on the top and secured via a clip system, then i would actually consider this a seriously cool and usefull console and would even consider to buy it

  7. Someone sent you a 300 dollar system?? NIce!? I was curious about this too.

  8. the inside of that modded system literally is inducing pannic.

  9. I'm so glad I've found this video. I was so close to buying one from his page months ago, but it wasn't worth the price he was asking.

  10. Good luck getting on an airplane with that thing.

  11. These systems used to mod this are so cheap, go out there and try it yourself. Don’t let fear stop you.

  12. Thanks to show us this. I wanted to buy one but is too bad to see this. Haihai is making a raffle to win a dmg102 and you have to pay $20 to take one slot. The dmg102 costs $280 and every slots costs $20 and there are 39 slots so…he wins $780 making a raffle. Too many people is getting cheated!

  13. I bought one and I am really happy with it, yes it may be a mess on the inside but is totally functional! I do understand the point and opinion on the review but I believe that is totally worth it!

  14. the cartridge wiring is a hot mess and more effort could've been put in

  15. this gameboy mod was a work of filipino who has limited tools etc. but still manage to make a working almost all retro emulator, and the display looks awesome and colorful and looks fast

  16. Hot glue is literally the worst thing you can use… there is tons of other stuff to use like solder, and thing double sided adhesive tap from cellphone repair kits… holy crap…

  17. Saw one of these on eBay for nearly $300. Glad I scooted over to YT to find this, and then run screaming.

  18. Them: USA looks like a nice place to live.

    Me: cracks open USA government still wanna move here?

  19. Love the videos and the intro of your channel

  20. It looks like a Game Boy Colour but it's a Game Boy Glue.

  21. Not really seeing the point of playing GBA games in a GB case. Different strokes.

  22. Man traveling with this thing looks like a challenge. TSA officer; " …so you want tell me this is just a gameboy?"

  23. All I want to see lately is someone explaining how to add a NGPC microswitch into the DMG-01, this one has too much wiring around, i'll stick with the latest simple mods.

  24. Gameboy mods make sense; replacing old parts with superior tech gives the consoles longer lifespans.

    But cramming a DS into a DMG housing and removing touch, the top screen, and DS slot function is just horrific.

  25. Contacted retrohai asking how much a DMG104 (to my spec) would be but didn't hear back 🙁

  26. ive learned so much from your channel
    please dont ever stop making videos

  27. I cherish my NDS Lite too much to use such a thing – but it's a great idea for people who want something unique.

  28. Honestly, that's a disaster

  29. Didn't know Stephen Merchant modded gameboys

  30. That looks like it should literally 'not compute'. It is pretty sweet though.

  31. I used to think Retrohai faked those because no way DS Lite can be modified in the way into the DMG case… after disassembly now i think they are real….hetrohai really put work on the console even tho it was a mess of wire inside everything still works

  32. Feels like a prototyoe because that interior is disguisting, but it's a awesome anchievement and could be done more professionally and would be a 1010

  33. Outstanding job, but the insides gave me cancer :/

  34. Great, but how did the games come out on the bottom screen ..

    Do you have a way?

  35. Those insides make me shudder, I’m pretty sure I could do better with internal cable management

  36. How does it play gameboy games then? The gameboy game normally auto boots to the top screen, which has been removed?

  37. in the beginning it looks like you're talking to someone and don't know which eye to look at

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