Complete Line of Nintendo Game Boys Created in LEGO -

Complete Line of Nintendo Game Boys Created in LEGO

Beyond the Brick
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Beyond the Brick’s Joshua Hanlon talks with Davis French about his LEGO Atari and Gameboys.

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  1. If waiters/waitresses were honest.

  2. It was cool, but he was missing the game boy light 😂

  3. Given Lego made a NES Lego set, I think they should make the Gameboys as a Lego series for budget collectors

  4. This guy should try to make a Lego WonderSwan. That would probably be a really big accomplishment.

  5. Thanks for the interview, I greatly appreciate it! Also my name is spelled wrong in the description. 

  6. I went to school with that guy…he was in my home room. Davis "toast" French is my nigga. love that man

  7. No NEO-GEO Pocket love 🙁 but I love gameboys more so I'm cool

  8. Sorry, but you forgot the gameboy light

  9. Hey I'm 10 and I LOVE the gameboy line of consoles

  10. did anyone hear pokemon red blue green gym leader theme?

  11. who saw the Link painting in the background from a link between worlds

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