Coke Games Snr Boys 4x400m Relay final 2017 -

Coke Games Snr Boys 4x400m Relay final 2017

Tim Tam
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The race that stopped the nation..feat shane “superman” tuvusa

Vinaka Lonehats.


  1. This is what you call determination & perseverance!

  2. Try watching the 2022 version 🤣🤣🤣

  3. faarrowwt….that guys got some gas… 👌✌👍

  4. this is thing stops the nation…..Natabua is inhumane

  5. The last race. The race that determined who would get first place between Marist, RKS and Natabua. Dei Lonehats.

  6. Shane Tuvusa a Marist Hero who went down West to pull it for Natabua at the death in 2017. What an athelete!!! Even the Policeman @4:33 applauded his efforts.

  7. The last year Natabua will ever win the Cokes 😂😂😂

  8. Sailosi Tubailagi should have ran anchor for RKS
    Would have been a tight finish

  9. Great effort from all schools, glad a school from west wins

  10. Its 2020 and yet this race is always my favourite.

  11. Looking back at QVS as if he won a medal in Olympics. Vuki2 ni BOCI

  12. I dont know how many times I've watched this but wow! What a race 👏🏾👏🏾

  13. Wooow…All the chills and the vibez and the atmosphere in which everyone is cheering for their team on the last race of the cokes which really lived up to its hype 👌👌 too good mehn 👏👏

  14. 👀what a race from Natabua of Vusa
    Catch up from 50meters😯👏👏

  15. Lonehats tu ga..

    Re-watching all these amazing runs…
    Jiko vinaka o keda mai Sugar City

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