Classic NES Series for Game Boy Advance - Scott The Woz -

Classic NES Series for Game Boy Advance – Scott The Woz

Scott The Woz
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Scott plays the classic classics.


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  1. You also had to hope the e-reader worked since a significant number of them just straight up didn't work.

  2. In terms of remakes zero mission is the best ever.

  3. I’d love a remake of Ice Climber that doesn’t control like shit. If they fixed that (and jumping through ledges) it’d be a really fun game.

  4. Hey great video man, really inspired me to trim my fingernails whynot

  5. Reminds me of the Switch with all the WiiU ports.

  6. Ice Climbers wasn't a bad game, it was just not as good as some other nes games.

  7. Nintendo consoles has changed over the decades

  8. "outside of collector's purposes"

    Scott has to say that to make himself feel better.

  9. Do you think Scott will ever look like a grown-up? 🙊

  10. One of the worst reviews by a Gen Z cartoon character badly animated.

  11. I heard adventures of Dino Riki playing over xevious and my ears perked up

  12. "You can't beat that deal"….yes, I can. With decades old emulation that I had on a netbook during the Afghanistan War while you were probably in 2nd grade.

  13. scotts fingernails are so well trimmed wtf

  14. The reason why Ice Climber, Excitebike and Donkey Kong was released in the Classic NES Series was probably because the E-Reader was only released in Asia and America, but not Europe or Australia.

  15. Hey don’t hate on Ice Climber, that’s my favorite lol

  16. The famicom mini series is so cool! I never knew those existed!

  17. I only got Zelda 1 & 2, so my investment is worth it!

  18. This guy looks like the aldi version of the angry Nintendo nerd

  19. Classic NES Series: “It already exists”™

  20. 2:42 This is why I love Scotts comedy.
    He knows exactly how cringe we all can be and embraces it.

  21. For those who were wondering what that one nostalgic track is, it's from Little Nemo the Dream Master on NES.

  22. I really would like to see a proper re release of Super Mario bros deluxe. Imagine that version without the zoomed in screen? Definitive version for SMB
    Edit: those Japanese famicom gba collections look tidy as all hell

  23. The most interesting thing for me about the Classic NES series was that, because they used hardware trickery and some goofy internal stuff to make the GBA actually work like an NES, and didn’t just emulate the games, these were (and may still be) the holy grail of GBA emulation. If an emulator came out saying it could emulate the Classic NES series ROMs, you knew it was either incapable of running anything else, or it was just complete nonsense. I think some of this has been resolved over time,

  24. Why buy Xevious when you can buy Star Fox: Assault?

  25. Wow was not expecting a Malcolm Butler reference this episode

  26. For a company that loves re-releasing old shit, Nintendo sure does hate re-releasing old shit

  27. 2:11 "If it's 8Bit I don't think, I just clap" 😂😂 My game collection in a nutshell

  28. I would pay so much money to see Scott talk about the weather app.

  29. I had gameboy game (the large cartridge) where it was essentially Mario bros but u played as pikachu. Shit was hard. I think I still have it.

  30. "That's the football Malcom Butler intercepted in the Super Bowl" Bro why you gotta bring that up 😫😫😫😫

  31. fun fact! nes classic metroid was the best selling metroid game. its kind of sad

  32. Those binders with the jpn classics, should go in like those deep ikea photo frames to be put on the wall so nice they are.

  33. What!? ketchup and mayonnaise is what came to mind?? I immediately thought of red velvet cake

  34. Fun fact NES and SNES games are supposed to be 8:7

  35. The NES version of "Xevious" was actually an unlockable game to play in "Star Fox: Assault" for the Nintendo Gamecube, since the game was also developed by Namco.

  36. I hope Scott can make a video on donkey Kong country games, I love donkey Kong games (especially the newer ones) and it would be a treat to see Scott discuss them

  37. The european boxes are very different. my pac man pal version has a black box with in game sprites

  38. When I was 8 years old I used to call Excitebike "Excitabike".

    I was a dumb kid.

  39. "will talk about stupid Nintendo games" for stupid Nintendo games.

    Scott Woz – for hire

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