Classic Game Room - PAC-MAN review for Game Boy -

Classic Game Room – PAC-MAN review for Game Boy

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Classic Game Room reviews PAC-MAN for Nintendo Game Boy from 1990. CGR Pac-Man review has Game Boy Pac-Man review footage recorded from Nintendo Game Boy showing Gameboy PacMan YouTube review gameplay of Nintendo GameBoy Pac-Man in this Pac-Man YouTube review. #pacman


  1. One of my first ever games right here. My aunt gave me a cart as a gift as a kid. Classic.

  2. Hey Mark! Do you have any plans on playing Super Smash Brothers (Wii U/3DS), as Pac Man, for the month? That would be awesome if you did!

  3. You know, Mark… playing Pac-Man these days isn't any special when it comes to pick up the necessary device for it.
    However, I love GameBoy versions of arcade games, especially early ones like R-Type or just like in this case, Pac-Man itself.
    Thanks for doing this review, I'm actually willing to get one cartridge off eBay for cheap.

  4. Have another look at pac-man 2 since its pac-man month. That one didn't get a fair chance.

  5. insert standard approving generic comment here
    ; )
    had this,

  6. I have the GBC edition of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man and they're even better!

  7. Not another Pac-Man review. Sure, Pac-Man is a classic, but this is getting rather repetitive.

  8. I never thought it's fair that the ghosts can use the same tunnel to get to the other side of the screen. I've always felt tunnel access should be for Pac-Man only.

  9. I have Miss Pac-Man on the Gameboy and it has a feature where you can make it so you can only see a section of the screen and it's bigger

  10. Don't forget to play the Pac-Man games on the N64!

  11. HdE's Totally Unoriginal Gaming Show says:

    I'm in shock that this video begins with Mark slotting a game cartridge into the system it's actually supposed to go in!

  12. Please review earthworm Jim for the Gameboy or game gear

  13. I love the game boy and pac man I want this game so bad

  14. I got this game; best version for the GB and GBA.

  15. Pac-Man: Championship Edition on 360 next (if you haven't already done it)! The original (and best) of the recent revamps.

  16. you should set up a discord mark its pretty cool for fan interaction/chatting

  17. There's a version on the Gameboy color it has Pac-Man and pac-attack

  18. Those colors on the gba sp are wrong but you can costumize those colors on the brainboy or supergameboy adaptor.
    Albeit it’s still a good version of pac man for on the go,

    EDIT, but i do wonder why sky skipper,sheriff and radar scope were never ported to the gameboy because they should belong to that handheld as well,also since those games are from nintendo itself.

  19. Oh boy it's time to play PAC- MAN: Green Edition.

  20. At least it looks better than the Atari 2600 version.

  21. The Game Boy Advanced SP seems like a good Game Boy to own.

  22. Enough with the pacman games !!
    We all know you wanna play Ms. Pacman

  23. Wow this game looks really good for it's time, gonna have to pick it up.

  24. I played Pac-Man a few days ago & I want miss Pac-Man next

  25. Ever play the homebrew of Mrs.Pacman on the Intellivision?

  26. My brother had a Pac-Man watch when we were younger. That thing got hammered hard and was never used to tell the time.

  27. Game Gear Pac man and Ms Pac man were better.

  28. Pac-Man on GameBoy is a true classic, it's a shame kids are missing out on this cuz they're on their phones

  29. There is a version of ms pacman for gameboy/gameboy color

  30. GBC Ms Pacman was a better port even if it came out much later. But then again you could also say that about the atari 2600 too. What is it with Ms Pacman getting better ports? Sexism!!!!!!!! lol

  31. There's another Pac-Man or two for the handheld, albeit not the straight Gameboy. Both Pac and wifey made it to GBC, and both are in the GBA Namco Museum. The GBC versions contain games like Super Pac-Man and Pac-Attack as extras.

  32. I whipped out my Gameboy at work and everybody was like wow you're so cool I can't wait to impress everybody with my Game Gear

  33. Ms. Pacman on the gameboy is really excellent as well

  34. I Have This Game, But Instead Of Playing On Game Boy Original I Play It On A Game Boy Advance Under A Light.

  35. I miss this guy's video game reviews. When I started doing VG reviews last year I decided I was going to try to copy his style and I failed f'ing miserably. His voice and Shatner-like cadence is part of what makes listening to his reviews so enjoyable. I have a terrible voice that is very monotone and droning. No matter how much I try to make it sound like I'm excited my "I'm bored" voice always shines through.

    Anyway, I scrapped all that and just started a brand new style where it's 60 seconds of rapid-fire bullet points and jokes to make my reviews play more like a commercial. I've found that this particular style fits me perfectly. I'm not trying to replace Mark; I'm just trying to fill in the gap he left when he stopped reviewing video games.

    Come back to us, Mark. We need you…I need you!

  36. Born in 1985. I actually prefer playing Gameboy games through my super game boy through my supernintendo.
    First consol I ever had was the nintendo 8 Bit. My cousin had supernintendo. My sister had gameboy. Maybe thats why I ended up likening a combination of them both.
    Thanks for showing this game, I gotta get this back, i lost it. Just ordered it after watching this👍🌍🕹

  37. You should review Pac-Man: Special Color Edition and Ms. Pac-Man: Special Color Edition for the Game Boy Color.

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