Classic Game Room HD - GAME BOY ADVANCE SP review -

Classic Game Room HD – GAME BOY ADVANCE SP review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews the GAME BOY ADVANCE SP from Nintendo. This Gameboy Advance SP review shows that the Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP plays original Gameboy games, Gameboy color and Gameboy Advance. CGR has the Game Boy model AGS-101 which has a backlit screen and looks wonderful. It uses a rechargeable battery and plays an enormous library of affordable Gameboy video games from Nintendo like Metroid II, R-Type DX and Donkey Kong. If you want to play your old library of Game Boy cartridges and Game Boy Advance games, check out the Gameboy Advance SP! The back lit screen makes it the best model thanks to backlight on the Game Boy Advance SP handheld video game system.


  1. Before the apple cut the headphone jack there was the gameboy advance sp..

  2. So, it's funny I came RIGHT across your video when I was trying to find out whether the "Advance SP" version will play the "Color" games and it DOES… but that Donkey Kong game is the WHOLE reason I'm once again going to buy a Gameboy again, However, I don't recall the "Advance SP" being able to "Upgrade" or whatever the "Color" version did to display the games in full color… I seem to remember even on that start demo there being more colors… Maybe I'm wrong, but I just want to get all the info before I buy an "Advance SP" to save money and get screwed or buy a custom built "Color' and yes pay out the ass but at least the colors intended for the "Color" games are all there… I mean the whole point of the Zelda Color game was that color dungeon and if that's only going to be in 2 or 3 colors instead of what I remember I'd rather pay $300 to get a backlit Gameboy Color. On your video with that Donkey Kong game, it looks like when SNES came out with Super Gameboy and yes, the games worked but the "color" games looked like crap and only displayed like 3 maybe 4 colors and wasn't fancy like Gameboy Color itself. Any help with this matter? Thanks!!

  3. Nice review!!! Fixed camera, you show it all!

  4. Я такой себе хочу купить, но никакая скотыняка не продает у нас 101. А если и продает то по космо цене(

  5. First thing to do is replace the stock 600mah battery with a nice new 850mah one. The screen will actually look better and the sound will be more crisp. They are only about $8-$9 for good aftermarkets from Ebay just don't get one from an overseas vendor.

  6. I regret so much of sell my SP…I was a stupid teenager who thought he wouldn't play games never again…and here I am 10 years later looking for a good DS Lite.

  7. Does Game Boy games always default to full screen?

  8. This was 10 years ago iv asked for one for Christmas 2019

  9. I got the AGS-001 and it brings back such good memories!

  10. The last game boy advance was the micro I had the 25 th Mario famicom anniversary edition

  11. My 001 model has a backlit screen….sooooo what’s your point?

  12. Every model of the SP had a backlit screen. They just gave it a brighter light in the 2005 revision.

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