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Hello everyone ! Thank you for tuning into a brand new episode of the podcast! Today we have a s special guest, we do a new segment called trivia time, we review the champions league games, we talk Houston dynamo and the mls , and more ! Follow us on tiktok @ BallTalkWithTheBoys thank you for the support !!!


  1. i give these guys a year this channel will be goated

  2. Yall need to do a vlog when houston dynamo has a game shit will be fun

  3. That lame mf on the right cheating lmfao😭😭

  4. yall entertaining asf keep the vids coming‼️ but i just gotta let this out 1 you can’t support chelsea then say you support barca too , 2 you can’t be a madrid fan and say messsi better then cristiano 🤣

  5. Great pod, keep it up! Can tell that you guys are real passionate about futbol. Love to see it!

  6. New video thank you guys for inviting me I enjoyed the video can’t wait to work with y’all some more in the future

  7. The trivia section is a little messy… Maybe do just One trivia question to start.. Perhaps always start the episode with one general question which everyone gives their answer… Some examples… 'who is your favourite player of all time and why?'… 'who is your greatest number 9 of all time?'…. 'growing up which player made you love football?'… 'Your favourite goal of all time?'… 'Your Top 3 midfielders of all time?'…etc

  8. I don’t actually believe that there’s people who think Mount is better than Foden. He may be a “numbers man” but he sure Dan isn’t a better footballer than Foden. I’d 1000% rather have Foden over a mount, and especially after that shocking shit housery performance that Mount had against Madrid where he literally didn’t do nothing all game im surprised nothing was said. I genuinely believe Ødeegard is better than Mount

  9. I’ve never spent 1 hour + watching a podcast. Ever since y’all started I’ve watched both episodes fully. I truly enjoy watching it and y’all make me laugh a lot😂 Keep it up guys👏🏽👏🏽

  10. I’m a Madrid fan but not every Madrid fan think the same. I don’t agree with some stuff big c said

  11. I have madrid closing out the last game today 2-0

  12. Carlos stop tapping on the mic your not in band your in a podcast💀

  13. At 1:09:35 I like how he stated the fact that madrid shouldn’t have participated in the Spanish supercup because Madrid didn’t win the league nor the Copa del rey. But are we quick to forget that two seasons ago when Barca won the nadaplete they also participated without winning the league (which Madrid won)and without winning the copa del rey which real sociedad won over athletic. Barca got the chance to fight in the “mini tournament” but guess what? He doesn’t say nothing about that because 1. Barca DIDNT win the Spanish supercup and 2. He has that barca bias towards him. But okay if barca had won that Spanish supercup there would’ve been no problem, barca agenda🤦🏻‍♂️

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