CGRundertow - NINTENDO GAME BOY Video Game Console Review -

CGRundertow – NINTENDO GAME BOY Video Game Console Review

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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game console review of the original Nintendo Game Boy. Released in 1989, this is the first product in Nintendo’s massively popular Game Boy line. Mixing design elements from the old Game & Watch and the NES, the Game Boy was very successful despite going up against more technologically advanced handhelds like the Game Gear and Atari Lynx. Its blurry and green screen may be hard to see, but a large library of classic games still make this a great nostalgic treasure. This review demonstrates the use and features of the Nintendo Game Boy with commentary from CGRundertow reviewer Kevin.
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  1. Thumbs up if I'm an asshole….. I hate when people say "thumbs up". Gameboy rocks though 🙂


  3. oh the good old days. i had this as a kid and thought it was the coolest thing ever. then my cousin got the game boy color. but i was like yeah well im cooler cause i got this one. haha im 21 now and kids of today wouldnt even know what the heck this thing is….

  4. @dylanh182 wrong. I'm twelve and I know what the nest, Genesis, hell the apple pippin and cdi is. And… I'm not addicted to cod. GASP!

  5. The only way to play a game seriously is with a big screen, preferably 30 inches or more. ANY portable console is JUNK and is only there to feed the urgency of seriously addicted guys that can't stay a damn free second of their lives without playing a videogame. Oh no i'm going out of my bedroom for a couple hours I need a portable console with a tiny shitty screen so I can keep playing!

  6. Original gameboy is EPIC!!!!!!!!!! I bought one of ebay!

  7. I have a gameboy color in near mint condition that i still play

  8. Will someone give me their Original GameBoy fir free? 😀

  9. the Gameboy is the Handheld of the century while the 3DS is the handheld thats beats up the Vita

  10. Very nice! I barely got my first Game Boy in 2012! 🙂

  11. I know right. Im 13 today, and one of my friends gave me a original gameboy for free, when he got it for 20 dollars. :/ But its the best thing EVAR! 😀

  12. That brick was sturdy. I dropped mine down a flight of stairs and there wasn't a scratch on it. I treat my DS and PSP like fine antique china though. Those things are way too fragile.

  13. Got mine in mint condition from a stor that mostly sells classic games

  14. thumbs up whose ever gonne play with this old brick in 2013.

  15. Dumbass…..THEY ARE FOR LONG TRIPS!

  16. I play my handheld in my house 6 feet from my 50 inch tv.

  17. 180… dollars….YOU COULD HAVE GOT EARTHBOUND!!!

  18. Yeah, would you rather stuff a 30" inch HDTV with an Xbox to accompany it into a car or a plane, or would you rather bring a small device with game like Pokemon with it?

  19. Wtf $180 I got my original gameboy in box mint condition (gameboy and box) with all the cables in original plastic bags and headphones and Tetris for $50 free shipping I did a review if you want to see it but Realy $180!!! I wouldn't spend that much on a gameboy u got ripped of even if it was in mint condition

  20. Some models had a weird receiver inside with a screen and antenna watch gameboy mystery

  21. Yea mine has all the signs for the wired antenna

  22. you don't understand the Word CLASSIC .

  23. Actually, the Game Boy's hardware shares more in common with its old rival the Game Gear ( and Master System), than with a NES. All three systems used the Z80 cpu. The NES used a MOS 6502 cpu, which also powered the Apple II and C64 computers.

  24. It's awesome watching this video while playing my Game Boy with "Super Mario Land" in it. Just plain awesome. 

  25. I own this. I like the green screen. That's what made the original gameboy so interesting. This is why I bought 3 Ninja Turtles games for it. So it didn't bother me so much, but trying to beat these games on it can get difficult, especially when there is no back light for the gameboy to make these games more visible. Which is where the Sega Game Gear succeeds. But anyways I'm glad I own this.

  26. I love the gameboy but I still think the pocket is superior.

  27. Can someone help me! For my bday should i get a 3ds xl or gameboy. Yes I know your probably thinking "is this guy stupid! Get the 3ds xl its better"! I know i know but I I never really got to experience the classic games for it. Also i always wanted to check out the lavender town creepy pasta and the missingno one. Also it will be worth ALOT more in the future. What do you guys think?

  28. Mutton bash: "Mom? Have you seen my joy boy? Cause I wanna put it up your butt!"

  29. I have GameBoy Colour, GameBoy Advance and GameBoy Advance SP. I also have ordered GameBoy (original) but it hasn't arrived yet.

  30. Why they made the screen green??? They could've made it B/W like the pocket

  31. Some guy is selling this in my neighborhood, should I buy it?

  32. My gameboy wont load! It goes to the title screen and nothing happens! Do you know what the problem is?

  33. I would avoid the original Game Boy, the Game Boy Pocket, the Game Boy Light, the Game Boy Color, the original Game Boy Advance, the frontlit Game Boy Advance SP, the Game Boy Micro and stick with the backlit Game Boy Advance SP. The backlit GBA SP has the best screen quality ever.

  34. I’m buying one with 2 games for 20 bucks lol

  35. The game boy has literally a calculator screen

  36. Do u see the nintendo logo when u start it without any cardtridge?

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