CARIFTA Games 2022: Meet the boys -

CARIFTA Games 2022: Meet the boys

The Nation Barbados
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Stay with us on all our platforms for coverage from the region’s best age-group meet. Our team on the ground is Anmar Goodridge-Boyce and Sandy Pitt.

Coverage powered by Powerade and Dasani Water. (Video by Sandy Pitt)

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  1. Amani should be heading to University of Houston. I think he will do well at that instituition. If,i can get him into camp he will easily go 20.4/10.2/45.5 He should be running at this juncture,20.6,10.3. He is just TOO talented to be this far off. He wanted to run 20.8,but that would be almost impossible,because first of all,he would have to have already ran 21.00 or at least 21.2. Going into a major competition only running 21.7,wont be sufficient to automatically run 20.Secondly,he had to training with quality training partners who themselves should be running 20.9 or better. God i wish i can get him into top level training camp.As a coach outside looking in,he should have medal at carifta this. There are 7 key factors in this youngman racing,and sprinting mechanics,which is easy to correct. I was tracking him for a longtime. Why isnt anyone correcting these errors?Same,for Amare Gustave.🤷‍♂️

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