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The king of Afro Fusion (y’all might know it as Afro Beats) right now, everybody turns up when Burna is on the speakers. He came from across the world and sold out Madison Square Garden. The movement is real, the sound influencing all your favorite artists. We had to have Burna Boy for the culture.

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The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper Gillie Da King and social media influencer and disruptor Wallo267 (who are also first-cousins) targeting their combined social media presence of over 1.3 million followers.

Gillie and Wallo’s audiences have been demanding a podcast and this is the delivery. For their audience, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game show bridges the gap between social media and reality tv, satiating the hunger for original and authentic content.

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  1. He’s no Fela politically. Listen to what he’s saying he’s making music for everyone. Thats a sellout mentality. Love his music but I see now why he’s working with white artists. He doesn’t understand the importance he has to Nigeria and Afrikans worldwide.
    These celebs are always sell outs. Listen to them. The narcissism sneaks past us cuz because they are artists and we are enamored.

  2. Just watching this stop playing Knicks rarely never sell out. You crazy

  3. BURNA BOY 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🦍 you are the shiiizzznic… I'm so proud of you Big Daddy BURNA 🥵🦍

  4. I slept on this podcast. Gillie and Wallow are phenomenal interviewers. That punk Budden makes it about him. Their questions are phenomenal

  5. The African gene is amazing …..i mean Reggae, Dance hall, hip hop, Rock n roll, RNB, Rap and now///// Afrobeat , Amapiano sheeeeeeesh…

  6. Gillie went wrong with everything that gets cut off was the bad energy or the one trynna sink the ship…sometimes impatient and inaccurate investigations makes we leave the realers behind thinking they’re the traitors…

  7. Some of the questions Gillie was asking had me saying you can’t be this ignorant but I think he’s speaking for all ppl who would ask these types of questions! Like why do people automatically assume all Africans grew up in a village 🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. Africa running it UP all over for a minute Burna Boy , Whiz Kid , music Kamaru Usman , Isreal Adesanya , Fancis Inganu MMA a whole lot more too

  9. Vision life as a global citizen. We can be from the same place but vision things differently.

  10. Burna is careful, what he says, he protects his privacy. He's very careful how much he says and what he says. He's not great on doing interviews. A ship sinks, because of the water that gets in, not the water around it.

  11. He removes himself from negativity and negative situations.

  12. Afro fusion, break down this……Afro beat is Fella Kuti. Afro fusion is another genre of music from Nigeria . Fusion of everything

  13. Thanks for your grandfather, Burna Boy, he helped to shape you into this great entertainer you are today. God bless your grandfather. Keep it real and humble always.

  14. Much love and respect , you are the point guard, Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido

  15. i started crying when he said siddhu had a mixtape collab but probably wont come out 😢

  16. Burna please finish the mixtape with siddhu if you can its a certified #1 in global charts

  17. I'm Haitian and I rock with all his music. Burna(Nigeria)🔥🔥🔥 is the truth, love African music. My 10 yr old's mother is from Nairobi, Kenya… WA NWA(Black King)…💪💪

  18. Gillie doing the World Dance created by Bogle

  19. Brake the curse? Goddammit, brother. The village is the equivalent of the countryside. In Nigeria, everybody is affiliated with some village. You can be born in a big city like Lagos & still connect with a village.

    Burna, you need to start doing more work towards these interviews. I'm from PHcity, born & and raised, but I have a village. It's a prideful thing.

  20. It was the dancing for me, when gillie threw up the imaginary air I laughed loud😂 they were vibing

  21. Does he have to kiss the mic for it to hear him. Trash ass mic

  22. He's arguably the biggest artist in the world right now

  23. A lot of gems in this episode siana 🇹🇴 You could tittle this episode “Billion dollars worth of game “

  24. Just got on you to my African brother u hard 🔥

  25. I’m 8 months late idk how I missed the burna boy interview I rock with bruh he cold with it..

  26. “A ship doesn’t sink because the water around it. It sinks because the water that gets inside” – burna boy

  27. Yall needa stop dancing .. before i stop watching this shit 😂😂😂

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