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Burna Boy Goes Shopping for Sneakers at Kick Game

Kick Game
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The African Giant Burna Boy pulled up to our Kick Game Covent Garden (London) store to celebrate the release of his new album ‘Love, Damini’, and goes shopping for sneakers. From a sold out Madison Square Garden show to his music taking over across the globe, we talk on sneakers, music, fashion and so much more! Watch the video above to find out what he bought! Hosted by Craig Mitch.

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  1. Pointed at bapeXyeez like he was gonna cop
    Pointed at the LVXNike like he was gonna cop

    He spent some dough though I ain’t denying but why pretend ?

    Or maybe when he learned the price he changed his mind 🤣

  2. Nigerians are winning and dominating music right now

  3. Gfazos come from gherbo dead homie who wore only white Air Force 1s

  4. Great interview. Great vibes. The guy in the green shirt is so sweet and cute. I love his vibes.

  5. 15k on shoes? 😬 I know that's modest for millionaires but dang I could never. I literally could never.

  6. I thought for a minute he was a Jamaica..

  7. Why the host looks like Jason Tatum to me 🤔

  8. Herb got people worldwide calling them G Fazos that’s major

  9. I love you for who you are Oluwaburna. This interview slaps like it was uploaded yesterday. Loads of love Burna and love your Afro Moon dance. Hailing from Canada 🇨🇦

  10. Number one in African .You Bam Benin zone say dodorima

  11. brudda called military blacks oreos🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. IAM SWEETIE 333 Intuitive Insights Learn & Heal ! says:

    Teach me the 🩰

  13. G fazo is what g herbo from Chicago calls Air Force ones

  14. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦🇹🇹

  15. S/o nolimitgherbo from chiraq he’s the one that start calling the af1 gfazos . It’s a tribute to his fallen friend fazo who loved and own a lot of air force 1s

  16. Craig is such a perfect presenter for this show

  17. This Craig guy is actually mad sick at interviewing 🤝🏽🔥

  18. This dance has been around for years…. Usher did it in the new flame video…. Chris has also been doing it…for years…

  19. g-fezos it's what herbo calls em… he started it

  20. Burna boy the best unusual dancer. Great and organic man.

  21. £15k on sneakers 🔥 I’m done
    Somebody’s school fees

  22. Sweet 🅱️🅱️💯💙💙💙💙🆙️🆙️🆙️🆙️🆙️💋

  23. ‘I am just someone who see’s the truth and says it’-Burnaboy 👊🏿

  24. wow i would love to take my kids and me there

  25. and my last born loves Burna by so much so i would love to be here

  26. G Herbo legendary you got this man shouting out yo dead homie basically thats hard 🔥

  27. Gucci mane with dreads and Jayson Tatum from England???

  28. men he's always a step ahead of his moves which is true sign of a hero he truly is.

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