Brand New Game Boy Games - The Future of Retro Gaming! -

Brand New Game Boy Games — The Future of Retro Gaming!

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There have been a number of absolutely amazing upgrades for retro gaming consoles, especially handhelds like the Game Boy line. But hardware like replacement screens and shells are only half the picture — brand new software titles can help these old consoles feeling fresh.

TGVirtual’s games and titles:
Incube8 Games:


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  1. I wonder if those first three games were built with GB Studio?

  2. THIS IS SO FUCKING AWESOME. I always loved these concept and I’m happy someone came around to make fully working and aesthetically pleasing ones

  3. There's something really transformative seeing older hardware getting new content.
    There is clearly an appetite for this kind of resurgence in "neo-retro" and I think, given the success of the analogue pocket, and the growing scene in retro modding that releasing new content for these platforms is showing us that there is a market, one that'll hopefully grow.

  4. I’m making a brand new Gameboy color game. Hope you’ll cover it! I’m really proud of how it looks

  5. Nee software is great but man these games look terrible

  6. Just pimped out two gameboy colors, very excited to see the gameboy community is so dedicated!

  7. Legit getting into Dreamcast development hoping to contribute to this trend; newer games for older systems are legit fascinating

  8. These types of videos always make me want to learn how to program gameboy and NES games but man is it ever a rabbit whole, especially with my limited C knowledge

  9. That packaging is really incredible, high quality and super polished. But it's a little sad not to see any mention of GBstudio, the tool that's opened up gameboy development like this. Still some very neat stuff.

  10. There was a Gameboy PDA prototype that never came out 🙁 RoxOS I feel was almost a recreation.

  11. I'm definitely curious as a developer for Java I'd love to learn the logic for Gameboy!

  12. The RoxOS cart is an interest pique-er for sure. Putting an entire MMU and FPU with memory into a Game Boy cartridge sized package isn't the problem. Its how do you make the entire thing power up correctly and make the OS entirely usable for people who own Game Boys/Colors/Advance/Advance SP.

  13. Hey man! I got a ds replacement shell and i put it together but when I turned it on it didn't turn on! What shall I do?

  14. Goodboy Galaxy is a very good looking GBA game being made. The demo at least shows a ton of promise.

  15. Stop talking through all of the gameplay footage. Can't hear the music or the sound.

  16. The biggest problem you have with the old school gameboys (GBA or earlier) is that you only have very limited button options.
    A, B, Start, Select and with GBA L and R.
    It's really hard to design meaningful games around that which are not puzzles, RPGs or platformers.
    There are only few contemporary titles that work really well with such few buttons.
    Some indie games manage to do that. But then again, why would you target a Gameboy instead of a Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch?
    That would only make sense if you decided to cross-publish it with a Gameboy emulator included.

  17. Heyo can you play my GB game just answer to this comment

  18. I wish nintendo wasn't so uptight about their older titles. There's plenty of reason to let us keep "support" for a beloved title. It just seems like spite, knowing they aren't going to do anything with them, any time soon.

  19. BroForce on the Gameboy would be amazing! As well as many other pixel art games.

  20. So a group of friends started making their own games during the pandemic. Carpet Shark and Plummet Challenge Game. Both are really fun games played on the NES. I have a hacked PSP with the NES emulator and it worked! So much fun learning about all this.

  21. Sir please notice me,why does my nintendo cube does not work?when i open it,the orang light turns on and turns off again but the fan is on,hope you help me….thanks

  22. Not trying to be mean but everything you showed us looks VERY BORING!

  23. I wasn't even aware people were still making Gameboy games from the ground up, and I like the look of these, even ROXOS.. I've enjoyed tinkering with far too many OS' (everything since the C64, including MS-DOS on an Atari ST using PC Ditto).

    Thanks for another informative and clear video

  24. This is tickling a particular kind of nostalgia. I can't quite describe it. But I can almost smell fresh unopened plastic.

  25. If this means 2D pixelated games being great again, EXCELLENT.

  26. i kinda wanna know how to make my own gameboy game now

  27. The same self made Elon the son of the African emerald mining empire that said “apartheid is needed to keep the savages under control” on their own land

  28. Love the pokemon builds for the gameboy color that i've seen on ebay. This is such an awesome movement

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