Boys vs Men vs Sigma #shorts #sigma #games #gaming #videogames -

Boys vs Men vs Sigma #shorts #sigma #games #gaming #videogames

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  1. Atreus in boys? He murdered Odin, undermined Asgard, outsmarted Odin, and much more.

  2. Sigmas = kratos and Zeus / doom slayer / Asura / dante and vergil / Arthur / CJ and Niko / Nemises / Al tair and Ezio / Max payne / ghost and Captain price

  3. Where's geralt and I think Nathan drake should be in sigma

  4. why is there no steve in minecraft, ten or sigma too? 🤔🫡

  5. link twilight princesas true sigma

  6. Link is sigma, he dont takl but he fight for his land

  7. You really think that Scorpion just a man?

  8. imo handsome jack is a sigma,dude doesnt give a fuck and will do whatever the fuck he wants 🗿

  9. You forgot woods and Captain price and soap and ghost.

  10. how is noone mentioning that scorpion should be sigma he is the most badass character in all fighting games

  11. А где Геральт?

  12. Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips has left on the chat…

    Truly sigmas they are

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