BOYS vs GIRLS 2v2 Full Court LOW RIM Basketball Game (I DUNKED ON MY EX GIRLFRIEND Jenna Bandy!!!) -

BOYS vs GIRLS 2v2 Full Court LOW RIM Basketball Game (I DUNKED ON MY EX GIRLFRIEND Jenna Bandy!!!)

Caleb Nash Feemster
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BOYS vs GIRLS 2v2 Full Court LOW RIM Basketball Game w/ Josh Horton, Jenna Bandy and Mia Moore!!
Josh and I challenged Jenna and Mia to a full court, low rim, 2v2 game! See who gets dunked on! You might be surprised…

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  1. So glad you got the new court so you can make videos like this!

  2. Caleb you should try to dunk every vid for your outro

  3. Normally Caleb flirts with Jenna but dare I say jenna was the flirt in this one

  4. I love group videosssss!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️ GREAT VIDEO!

  5. He went through her legs for game point but I swear the vertical was 1.5 inches

  6. Caleb quit playing my boi n shoot your shot, y’all have good chemistry that’s hard to find fr🤷🏼‍♂️you know she low key digs you💯

  7. Girls shooting today was colder than a polar bear

  8. Jenna and mia got destroyed(well mostly Jenna) Team cash for the win baby

  9. It’s very hard for me to find Josh and Cassie Horton’s address in Thousads Oaks California!

  10. How are two people have so much chemistry NOT together?

  11. I’m not sure if those were the most fair teams

  12. I don't know. This video just making Josh and Caleb look like a bunch of big meanies haha. But still entertaining nonetheless.

  13. That was awesome! I believe this future Olympic sport was invented by AJ and TMO, but this 2v2 version is also great! 😁

  14. Waddup Caleb. Just wanted to say I love your videos

  15. if jenna didn’t talk the video would be silent

  16. Yo i freakin love jenna her attitude is amazing

  17. How come they didn't just turn the entire space into a basketball court so they can have 5v5 in their backyard

  18. Why in the world didn't just extend the Court the other way? Now you miss one way it goes down the rocks the other way it goes down the Cactus 🌵 looks like you have plenty of room to extend it the other way.

  19. Seeing them dunk on a low rim makes you appreciate Chris's dunking even more

  20. They're a couple. 😉 Love the channel, big dog!

  21. Hey Caleb I was in shock that you were a football player I am a kicker for my freshman team and I enjoy watching your YouTube channel and Joshes #team cash all the way

  22. Also I haven’t played soccer and I am decent

  23. are we gonna see you, josh, chris, and jenna(team trickshot) vs the vlog squad?

  24. I think Jenna wants to build a house with air conditioning because she always says she likes it when Mia air balls and bricks

  25. Bruh ppl are commenting that jenna and caleb should get back together and shit. maybe they should but it’s their decision AND there was prolly a good reason why they broke up. Btw Jenna seems like she likes u so much from what I see ngl.

  26. In the video caleb was Chris staples and josh was trickshot cop that was amazing and fun fact : caleb is decent in soccer and dunking also better than Chris

  27. I was wake up to watch your videos,
    It is 12: 15 in India

  28. Did anyone notice Josh's shirt was torn at 11:22 at the specific location (arm pit)😂😂 ,that's how hard Jenna's defense was😂😍🙌

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