BOYS vs GIRLS 2v2 Full Court LOW RIM Basketball Game (I DUNKED ON MY EX GIRLFRIEND Jenna Bandy!!!) -

BOYS vs GIRLS 2v2 Full Court LOW RIM Basketball Game (I DUNKED ON MY EX GIRLFRIEND Jenna Bandy!!!)

Caleb Nash Feemster
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BOYS vs GIRLS 2v2 Full Court LOW RIM Basketball Game w/ Josh Horton, Jenna Bandy and Mia Moore!!
Josh and I challenged Jenna and Mia to a full court, low rim, 2v2 game! See who gets dunked on! You might be surprised…

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  1. This video deserves more than 5M likes…we definitely want a part ll
    Love from INDIA 🔥❤️

  2. Boy’s rim should have been 9’. Dunking damn near flat footed isn’t impressive at all. And for you Cupid’s out there…..Jenna can do much better than Caleb.

  3. This man Caleb got 7 dunks. 3 of them were on Jenna’s head 😂😂

  4. At last when josh made that shot and said good bye his t-shirt was having a hole 😂😂😂😂

  5. Please Caleb act like they did something first Caleb I 6.2" weight about 285 pounds where as the girls weight under 125 pounds and are under 5.8" so really they are not doing anything special

  6. bro YOU HAVE GOT to work on dunking 10 feet. I mean you're fairly close already in other things I've seen. You're 6'5 haha, I know you can do it!

  7. When Chris says he wont be in the video so u have to lower the rims

  8. I aint seen Jenna in a normal pair of shorts in a minute lmfao

  9. I swear Jenna been fouling and y’all don’t say nun and she scream to much

  10. Horrible placement with the basketball rim 😭. That shit NEVER stays inbound.

  11. Hello Caleb ! Please give me ur phone no.. I have Josh's no. Also ❤️…
    I am just a big fan ! 🔥🔥

  12. jenna said she got defence but caleb went though the legs on her this is why you never get too HYPED before someone makes you look bad

  13. caleb DUNKED ON JENNA and put it on tik tok

  14. When jenna dunked "that felt so good!" 🤣🤣🤣

  15. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  16. I love how when Calebs dribbling he can bump fake a shot with out even picking up he’s dribble.

  17. Caleb with the monster block. Mia’s like oh well, catches it out of the air and sinks it in one fluid motion, gotta love it 😂

  18. I like how y’all used the TNT scoreboard

  19. PLEASE you guys only won because Caleb is taller than everyone else if the ladies would have won that would have been embarrassing

  20. With the height Caleb has how come he can’t dunk a regular rim 😂😂😂 shoot im 5-11 i can dunk a reg rim … college rim

  21. Rematch but every time the girls score is 3 points while boys are 1

  22. Girls got destroyed both games .
    Çomplete domination winning by Boys twice 🏆🏆
    Caleb Goated not just a trick shooter a dunker also.

  23. This was a video to just embarrass Jenna and her defense.



    Do you not know what help D is

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