Boys Republic(소년공화국) - Video Game (Story Ver.) Music Video -

Boys Republic(소년공화국) – Video Game (Story Ver.) Music Video

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  1. Kpop fans now will
    Never under how hard this song is
    2019 still play this song on repeat my 13 year old self crying rn

  2. Let's never compare them to Bts.. they're concepts are way different.

  3. It's a shame they worked so hard just to end up disbanding.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. When this song came out it was that top tier song for me forever!

  5. 2019 and their memory hit me so hard
    But I’m happy enough to be able watched them in front of my eyes 🤧

  6. Whut 300k after all this time lol I used to watch this back then

  7. 아 이 노래 오졌었지.. 숨은 띵곡

  8. The lyrics are still fresh in my mind. how time flies 🙁

  9. ชอบมากค่ะ เมื่อก่อนชอบฟังยังไงก็ยังฟังเหมือนเดิม💕

  10. Sad to see no newer comments… I have found this song in my old playlist again and I am addicted once again. Ironically I will be adding this to my gaming playlist

  11. this will always going to be one of my favorite MVs

  12. ive been searching for this mv for three years bcs i love it so much but i forgot the song title and the group's name. and finally i found it, ngl, i'm sooooooo happyyyy

  13. This MV is so advanced for its time, so sad for these men. I hope they are living their lives well now.

  14. To realize i've heard this song long ago….

  15. A lost memory has just been recovered! this song slaps so harddd

  16. seriously this song is my childhood I used to listen to it a lot and have a huge crush the one with the blue hair ahh nostalgia ㅠㅠ

  17. Disfrutando como el primer día que descubrí la canción!! ☺️

  18. No entiendo cómo este vídeo llegó a tan pocas vistas, esta canción estuvo cuando era una adolescente y es asombrosa me trae muchos recuerdos

  19. 아 이거 진짜 개띵곡… 나만 아는건가 한국어 댓글이 없네ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    막내 은근 덕질수요상이었는데 안떠서 아쉬움..

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