Boys Republic(소년공화국) - Video Game (Dance Ver.) Music Video -

Boys Republic(소년공화국) – Video Game (Dance Ver.) Music Video

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** For International Royal Family, ‘Boys Republic – Video Game’ is now available on iTunes!

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  1. Taking attendance for 2021 🙋‍♀️

  2. so sad they never blew up, they had bops only 🙁 but im so glad i got to see them live

  3. This song brought me to the kpop world. I miss them. 😭😭😭

  4. EVERYBODY! Suwoong, the blue haired one is in an upcoming drama called “imitation” make sure to check it out! And Minsu (orange hair) is in a group called Y&W (young and wild) just in case anyone was wondering if members were doing things! Those are what I remember off the top of my head

  5. Happy Birthday, Minsu!!! I wish you to have lots of new and real friends, have lots of presents and live forever happily with your friends and family!

  6. Always listen to this song old day's but I always forget what band

  7. 2nd gen was completely bops all around, 3rd gen had bops but everything else was a hidden gem.

  8. Listening to boys republic back cause of suwoong XD

  9. I used to be ADDICTED to this song! omg love it!

  10. I remember back then the first time i saw this video clip on MTV 😭😂

  11. i will f*ck this 209 disslikes ,the song is brilliant !!

  12. how is this song still such a banger after 7 years i- god i remember when this came out and my enjoyment of it hasnt changed for 7 years i love this song T-T (I cant believe this song made me tear up from nostalgia,, not a song youd think somone would shed tears over lmao)

  13. This sound was so stupidly ahead of its time in 2014. The visuals are pretty firmly 2012-2014 though LOL

  14. oh wow this brings back memories :< i miss them

  15. And I’m still come back here in 2021 and will do for up coming day, month & years… :’)

  16. I remember this song make me fall for suwoong 😆

  17. I use to love this song back then! So glad I found it!

  18. Is 2021 now and I came here because this song is too good

  19. Con esta canción los conocí!
    Que recuerdos!! ♡♡

  20. Como me hacia falta escuchar sus grandiosas canciones! ^^

  21. First time listening in 2021 on October 7th at 10:55 PM EST, and that was phenomenal!

  22. Thank you for giving me a chance to met you guys in person that was unforgettable moment! Missing you!

  23. such an underrated Kpop boy band

  24. Ahh I miss this group, I used to stan them so bad back then

  25. Por más que pase el tiempo me sigue gustando! ^^

  26. Coming back after 7 years. Boys Republic make my childhood so happy😊❤

  27. they really deserved more. i miss them everyday.

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