Boys Republic(소년공화국) - Video Game (Dance Ver.) Music Video -

Boys Republic(소년공화국) – Video Game (Dance Ver.) Music Video

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** For International Royal Family, ‘Boys Republic – Video Game’ is now available on iTunes!

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  1. Always listen to this song old day's but I always forget what band

  2. 2nd gen was completely bops all around, 3rd gen had bops but everything else was a hidden gem.

  3. Listening to boys republic back cause of suwoong XD

  4. I used to be ADDICTED to this song! omg love it!

  5. I remember back then the first time i saw this video clip on MTV 😭😂

  6. i will f*ck this 209 disslikes ,the song is brilliant !!

  7. how is this song still such a banger after 7 years i- god i remember when this came out and my enjoyment of it hasnt changed for 7 years i love this song T-T (I cant believe this song made me tear up from nostalgia,, not a song youd think somone would shed tears over lmao)

  8. This sound was so stupidly ahead of its time in 2014. The visuals are pretty firmly 2012-2014 though LOL

  9. oh wow this brings back memories :< i miss them

  10. And I’m still come back here in 2021 and will do for up coming day, month & years… :’)

  11. I remember this song make me fall for suwoong 😆

  12. I use to love this song back then! So glad I found it!

  13. Is 2021 now and I came here because this song is too good

  14. Con esta canción los conocí!
    Que recuerdos!! ♡♡

  15. Como me hacia falta escuchar sus grandiosas canciones! ^^

  16. First time listening in 2021 on October 7th at 10:55 PM EST, and that was phenomenal!

  17. Thank you for giving me a chance to met you guys in person that was unforgettable moment! Missing you!

  18. such an underrated Kpop boy band

  19. Ahh I miss this group, I used to stan them so bad back then

  20. Por más que pase el tiempo me sigue gustando! ^^

  21. Coming back after 7 years. Boys Republic make my childhood so happy😊❤

  22. they really deserved more. i miss them everyday.

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