Boys Playing In A Regular Game VS. P.E. 😂 | Highlight #Shorts -

Boys Playing In A Regular Game VS. P.E. 😂 | Highlight #Shorts

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Boys will turn into Damian Lillard or LeBron James when playing in P.E. 😂 (via @bjornbroman/TikTok)

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  1. I'm using mums account and I'm a boy so what I'm about to say makes sense,it's simply because we want to show off in pe class so everyone knows we are the best but in game we want to loose so all the players who don't respect us looses as well

  2. I always hated free days in gym because im athletic but i suck at basketball so during a regular day i can compete but during a free day I am a joke. Also for some weird reason the gym game i am the best at is handball idk y but i can snipe goals from half court

  3. Because in pe basketball you can do anything you want you don’t go not coach on your dick

  4. Its because in a game ur playing against ppl who actually play basketball but in pe ur playing against people who dont play basketball

  5. Crazy thing is we played basketball in PE today. I’d say they went pretty try hard.

  6. Bro, if I could use my middle school recess football film……..I’d have about 31 D1 offers and be ranked number one in the nation

  7. Bro I broke this little dudes ankles during pe lmao he was like 5’7 and he no joke hit his head he went so far

  8. it’s actually the opposite for me in school

  9. Coach can’t bench me or tell me what to do in P.E😏

  10. So true. I dominate when I hear the sweet sounds of pe teacher.

  11. I live in the UK and most schools don’t do basketball so I’m the only basketball player in our year and it’s so fun when we do basketball in PE

  12. Pewdiepie is the revolution 180 Games 360 says:

    Opposite for me

  13. Ay man he not lying tho.

    Me: why people try hard to much😢

  14. When we play basketball in P.E I only shoot half court shot’s

  15. It is literally the opposite for me 🤣

  16. This is the truest thing ever it’s annoying sometimes tho

  17. Do normal game vs Whalen your crush is watching

  18. But I’m the real deal they all act as if they don’t know how to play 🙄

  19. That's because te girls are watching in pe lol


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  21. Up in pe every one calls me curry because I’m a shooting god in pe than outside I’m dog shit lmao

  22. Its bc no one plays basketball like dat in pe so Im able to go crazy😂

  23. So true, that’s when pe teacher makes us play basketball which is like 5 times a year

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