Boys Life Be Like 🥺 But Video Games ❤️‍🩹 | #shorts -

Boys Life Be Like 🥺 But Video Games ❤️‍🩹 | #shorts

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  1. It’s the way that keeps me happy and not worry about the problem because my grandma went to Mexico and I miss her because she was the only thing who helped me with my stress and everything that my problems where and I miss it and have a lot of stress and anxiety now but video games have helped me through these days and I feel happy that I have my cats and video game to help me with my stress and anxiety and has gotten me to seem happy when I’m not I deal with people making fun of me knowing I won’t do anything because I seem happy and I sometimes get called a joy boy when I’m not and not the way as I seem Im just sad that I can’t lose stress but I just have to keep going through but I can’t lose my stress but I can help you if you have a lot of stress play video games or get a pet to help you

  2. It's my feeling for boyes and video games

  3. it's true true 💔😭😭 like 👇👇👇

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