Boys games vs girls game -

Boys games vs girls game

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  1. not every girl like to play barbie games…….
    i like to free fire..

  2. Girls ki aked nhi hai free fire bgmi khelne ki akad nhi girls ki

  3. Me girl but I play : Minecraft ,free fire max ,GTA 5 ,roblox,mortal combat etc ,😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. I am a girl but I play free fire, mortal Kombat, bgmi

  5. hell oo im girl you tought all girl girly nope your wrong i play that game like roblox minecraft free fire and pubg me i hate pink my pfp pink cause i just like nezuko

  6. I am a girl and i play Fricking Free FIRE BRO!!! 💅👑

  7. I play doom cod mortal kombat uncharted and red dead redemption

  8. I’m a girl and I see girls games are boring.

  9. I don't play any of them and I'm a girl.
    I play Roblox, Minecraft, Among us, Gacha, Some horror games and that's it :V

  10. I'm a girl and i love playing battle ground game 🔥
    Not barbie games 😶

  11. I'm girl but don't like girl s game I li to boys game and boys 😀

  12. Me girl : pubg, free fire ,fornite,minecraft ,roblox not every girls like barbie games mind it

  13. Fun fact – the video maker also plays the girls game then why he will download the girls game

  14. There is no such thing as boy games and girl games, I play those games too and I never played Barbie games as a girl

  15. Free fire zindabad Pakistan zindabad Minecraft legend of dad

  16. I am a girl but I play free fire girls also play boys games

  17. No no no i play always roblox i hate pubg fortnite and freefire i love roblox okay

  18. me girl : Roblox, pk xd , toca life world
    , PUBG. I hate Barbie game 😅

  19. Me girl but i play…. Free fire, bgmi,Minecraft etc all beast games…. Don't say that the girls plays barbi games ok mind it

  20. its my brother's yt id but i am girl and i play🤩👍😔🤗 and free fire max and I don't like barbie games
    I think that barbie games are only for kids🤣😂🙏👍😔🤩🤗

  21. Am girl and am play FF I don't like Barbie ?

  22. I am not a boy but I play free fire and pubgy

  23. im a girl but i dont like barbie girls im not a kid now im now 9 bro i only play PUBG Free fire and FiFA 2022

  24. Everyone have their right to play any games that they want

  25. O bhai main bhi ladki hu per ff or bgmi khalte hu 😡

  26. Thet is the Different with boy and girls.. 🤔🙄

  27. Ye kya baat hui sari ladkiya nahi khelti hai and l just hate barbei games l like minecraft ,free fire , pubg , and other gameS

  28. I'm also girl but I'm playing free 🔥fire

  29. Just because we girls doesn't mean we like this?

  30. B-tch I love black and blue and I play arsenal and roblox

  31. I'm a girl and I play roblox as a boy 😬

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