Boys Basketball Final || Khelo India School Games || Finals Between Delhi and Punjab -

Boys Basketball Final || Khelo India School Games || Finals Between Delhi and Punjab

Indian Basketball Team
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What a thrilling final between Delhi boys and Punjab boys throughout the match and Finally Punjab win by 78-76 in thrilling final and clinch Gold Medal!!




  1. Sala wo commentators basketball ke bara mein kuch nahi janta

  2. Uchhe lamme gabroo munde ne PUNJAB de, jidron vi langde khushbu khilarde

  3. what a gtame… prince paul of punjab only played in the last quater though… the feeder of punjab awesome

  4. First time enjoyed a Indian basketball game as much as NBA game

  5. Physical Education CBSE lecture By Yogesh S says:

    harsh realty .. lot of players have gud game .. n potential but they are not taken in team india.. well done..

  6. What a game by prince. Love from punjab Pakistan

  7. Seems like the front court defense of Delhi was lacking.

  8. I loved this match .. Punjab player are so good yar

  9. Whoever is coaching these boys is doing a great job. Much respect from a coach from Australia.

  10. They were beyond my expectation 👍🏼👍🏼

    5:46 That isn't a jump shot..🤦🏿
    12:04 Goal tending not block 🤣🤦🏿

    13:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Hug diya yaaaar osse acha mere north indies khelenge

  12. Last sec was amazing love basketball players 🔥and loved the game cheers for both delhi and punjab👍👍👍😇

  13. Basketball is a nice game I like basketball baal to much

  14. ek raaj ki baat batau Vinod Rajak(7 jersey Punjab ) bengal se hai woh hamare coach hai abhi Youth team ke

  15. chutiye commentators.. yhi kabaddi ki commentary krte hain… yhi football ki or inhi chutiyo ko basketball k liye le aate hain😠

  16. team delhi jersey no.7.. great shooter

  17. Punjab center with the game winner. He has incredible post moves. Nba prospect?

  18. Fade away kabse jump shot home laga??🤔🤔

  19. this boys can actually play, fun to watch.

  20. Lady commentator was far better than those two dudes, she should give some class to those poor souls 😅

  21. Punjab is the future of basketball from India our school from won open national and national championship

  22. Punjab boys? Number 15 look like he 43 years old.

  23. Really interesting matchup between school boys. I did not expect this level of competition and I can say with assurance that it was exhilarating to watch. That centre from Punjab was clutch!

  24. Come to nagaland n play with us .. u will see how different we play … U all are no match for us ..period … Funny u all play like ur playing wrestling…

  25. That was some great quality basketball. Both teams stepped up on clutch moments, kept the game on edge

  26. Prince pal ate Delhi players in his lunch ..
    Grown man business. .
    Well played Punjab

  27. These guys are pretty good, but they are small in size.

  28. 0:11…they are playing a kabbadi or what..anyway love the match!…

  29. I can make you win if i was in your team

  30. Personal foul and team foul ksy htaaa plzzz tell

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