Boys Basketball Final || Khelo India School Games || Finals Between Delhi and Punjab -

Boys Basketball Final || Khelo India School Games || Finals Between Delhi and Punjab

Indian Basketball Team
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What a thrilling final between Delhi boys and Punjab boys throughout the match and Finally Punjab win by 78-76 in thrilling final and clinch Gold Medal!!




  1. Much better than watching Indian basketball team…..lmao

  2. I see some tall guys but no dunks🤦🏼🤦🏼
    Its not getting the hype it needs, actually thats the problem with India, tall and sluggish players with no athleticism and skills

  3. Yarr thoda video aur ache quality me hona chahiye tha

  4. 12:02 Goaltend hogya aur pagal commentator what a block what a block kiye jaa raha hai

  5. I think punjab should have opted for ACD, they would have won it even earlier.

  6. I really want to punch those commentators, what's up with this conversion. Player=Spin post move… Commentators=What a good conversion..
    Player= snatch back pull up
    Commentators=what a good conversion.. I mean what…. Just fire those commentators

  7. Fun fact:- players did not play for last 1 second which had to be left😂

  8. सर हमारे गांव में बास्केटबॉल का मैदान बहुत टाइम से खराब है इसलिए हमें खेलने में बहुत परेशानी होती है 😔😔😔🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. These is really good. Happy to see india growing up in basketball.

  10. Bhai Yeh Commentator Kaha Se Utha Laaye 🤣🤣😂😂?

  11. Well played delhi , we'll rock in another season 🔥

  12. This is a game where most important factor is height..period…then comes practice and training. It is meant only for tall people.bitter truth.. minimum height is 6 2 …if you aren't reaching that height …its not worth trying this game at high level….

  13. The commentator doesn't know the terms and moves of basketball

  14. How much is the salary of indian bballers??

  15. There sooo bad lol (I’m an Indian myself) I personally watched this video to see how their skills are compared to mine and bro I’m a hooper from Canada and yo I can easily saw I’m say better than any of them

  16. Sir mujhe basketball khelna h m phle Varanasi m rhta tha vhi se khelta tha pr abb punjab rhta hu sir yaha mujhe kuch bhi nhi pta h plzz 🙏 sir help me..🥺

  17. If u see same principal singh in recent U21 games he has gone down…Become slower … The 2021 U21 finals was so depressing to watch..

  18. This game surprisingly is well done by ref… Otherwise most calls are missed and every play is like basketball rugby and game gets sloppy and boring. Always fumble fumble fumble

  19. Only if there is a basketball league in India this sport will improve. The highest thing u can achieve through basketball is government job tats it. Once the player gets govn job he has nothing more to improve

  20. Delhi doesn have any skills only some shooting

  21. That gave me the vibe of nba
    Proud of you lads🔝

  22. What a match ….nail bitting …..its look like a movies ….End…👍👍…Champion Punjab…❤❤

  23. Nitish from delhi what a 3 pointer

  24. Punjab no.11 is pretty good compared to the other players because he is z bit quicker on his feet

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