Boy Gets Caught Playing Games While He’s Supposed To Be Sleeping #Shorts -

Boy Gets Caught Playing Games While He’s Supposed To Be Sleeping #Shorts

Luke Davidson
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  1. This is why I play handhelds at night

  2. Oh no, bad ending. 3 seconds later. Never mind.

  3. Gotta wait abt 4 mins then they will leave

  4. Hey guys, it’s Quandale Dingle berry says:


  5. Bro, that happened with my dad when I was playing sonic

  6. me when i have to make a discord video but my mom says for me to slleep

  7. Luke is time to go bed. We have tommorow morning Birthday…

  8. The show that is so awesome and makes books says:

    why do i have to be 17

  9. turns on pc My pc: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaawbbbrbrrrrrr

  10. I play this game i always use necromancer

  11. Bro called us broke without him saying it😢😢😢

  12. lollololololololoolololololollololololol

  13. Skrillex at the top of the comments and it wasn't there

  14. Nah bruh the computer just starts going Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. Everyone: watching

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    This is the best add ever seen

  17. They should let Luke Davidson do ads instead of the other people

  18. the best way to sponsor something
    the best ad ever

  19. Bro evaded a beating because his mother was nostalgic. Lol

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