Boy George - Video Games (Directed by Mike Nicholls) -

Boy George – Video Games (Directed by Mike Nicholls)

Boy George
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Featuring the gorgeous Angel Rose and the equally gorgeous Cesar Polini, a story of young love in bleak Britain. This story is to be continued so watch this space! Produced by Kevan Frost in Bromley 2012.

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  1. F*****G AMAZING… I love this and I think it's so much better than the original. Plus Cesar Polini, whom I agree he is absolutely gorgeous… But still not as gorgeous as you are George! : )

    Would love this released as a single…

  2. I actually love the original version of this song, but I wouldn't call myself a Lana Del Ray fan. This cover is sublime. Heartfelt, soulful, and gorgeous. I've been a fan forever, and if the new album carries a quarter of the passion and soul of this cover, I will be a very happy camper.

  3. brings shivers to me, each time i hear it..

  4. I like both the original and this one. I adore the emotion conveyed by George. Always have. Love the realness of the two in this video, I can relate to searching for hope in Bleak Britain. She was such a bitch to me. 😉

  5. this is a beautiful version – would love to see BG release the complete covers album on cd – the Dylan cover I heard is sublime – am so looking forward to the new cd –

  6. TOTALLY AGREE – I much prefer this version, so much depth to it. I'd buy 10 copies if I could find them.

  7. Didn't even know he was still recording… Sounds good still

  8. the HOT guy is César Polini …he's also in Kylie Minogue's Timebomb (music video)

    …btw I'm going to dress up as Boy George this Halloween (^.^)

    love love love me some Boy George

  9. Wow! This is beautiful and I nearly jumped out of my seat at the opening shot. That is definitely St. Leonard's Warrior Square train station – I used to live right behind it! The rest is obviously shot in and around Hastings. There's something very lovely and poignant about that shitty British seaside town. (Glad as I am to be out of it!) The vocal and arrangement are gorgeous. Great interpretation of a great song. 5 stars. xoxoxox

  10. Karaoke is singing a song to the original instrumentation that has the vocal removed. Doing a new arrangement of a song written by someone else is, therefore, not Karaoke. It is a perfectly valid thing for a singer/songwriter to do and shows an admirable lack of egoistic need to always be the writer. Why "should" BG be doing anything in particular? In other words: you wrong byahtch!

  11. OMG this cover is just so perfect, the lyrics are beautiful but this guitar and this voice just make it so much better, kind of melancholic…I though about Johnny cash a little and Idk a sad happiness or something. It's weird but I loved it!!! But the video??? Wtf! Sorry but the video looks recorded with a cellphone cam 😂
    But yeah song, voice, guitar just perf!!!
    Not a fan of Lana nor Boy but man!!! This song and this version: goood

  12. Amazing Version!… I LOVE U MORE NOW!… 

  13. Wowww ,,, you sing it with so much depth and meaning …. I sure hope that you have someone in mind when you're singing it !!!

  14. I'm 48 and was obviously around when Boy George first burst onto the music scene. I was never a major fan of his 80's music (I was more Van Halen back then) but I have to say I'm impressed with Boy's latest work! Very soulful and melancholy.

  15. OMG, Boy is so damn amazing. I have missed him very much. So very glad he's back!

  16. Boy George is amazing! I love you George ♥

  17. So proud of him for gaining control of his life! Looks amazing and his voice is fantastic!! Love it!

  18. The man knows what's up. Lovely version <3

  19. nice voice and emotional video very very beatiful ♥

  20. Amazing! Thank You Boy George! I love your new album 🙂

  21. I loved this song by Lana but I have to say the soul in his voice makes it so real. Beautiful.

  22. Lejos y sin dudas,la mejor versión,te quiero George!!!,cantas espectacular,esa voz es soñada, XX.

  23. I prefer Lana's version way better. I think that when she sings it, it has so much more meaning.Just my opinion 🙂

  24. I like both versions, but this one is my favourite. Especially this video… So sincere.

  25. I'll always prefer Lana's, but this version is beautiful

  26. Please stop comparing one version to another in a negative way – it's not a matter of one being better than the other. They are simply different – and we need to learn to appreciate differences more.

  27. Lana is my queen and Boy George is my King ♥♥, this is the most perfect thing I've ever listened ♡♡
    They both are awesome in their own ways and voices, so you all should stop this war and blablabla :v

  28. I directly compared – Lana's voice is irritating and the entire song is depressing.
    This version is wistful and gently upbeat, much easier to listen to.

  29. I love the original but this one is also great

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