Boy & Bear’s Cover of Wicked Games Will Break Your Heart | MTV Stripped -

Boy & Bear’s Cover of Wicked Games Will Break Your Heart | MTV Stripped

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This week on MTV Stripped, Australian Indie rock-folk group Boy & Bear stun us with their astonishing cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games.

Whilst you’re here, join our fam, we do lit things:


  1. This has ti be one of the best bands in Australia.

  2. They harmonized mimicking ville vallo's band.

  3. Brilliant version by a brilliant group. Cant wait to see you at the river here in march. 🙂🙂

  4. So good I bought it from amazon music along with acoustic Telescope version. ❤

  5. Actually it's called "Wicked Game". Have had the pleasure of seeing both Chris Isaak and Dave Hosking sing this song from right under their noses, many years apart.

  6. What a great cover. Can't wait to see the boys on Saturday night.

  7. Love it 🙂 Great version. It was just amazing seeing you perform in Brisbane.

  8. one of my favorite songs covered by one of my absolute favorite bands. Awesome

  9. bloody brilliant version of an absolute classic

  10. Amazing cover. The lead singers voice is beautiful.

  11. You guy's are just amazing. This cover sounds like a track or two on your new album. To me anyway. Great cover whoever thought of doing it!

  12. Like it. But James Vincent McMorrow cover was so much better (GoT).

  13. Can anyone point me in direction of acoustic version I can't find it anywhere thanks

  14. love this band since their inception, Southern Sun, what a great tune, and video! what the fuck happened to them, part hipster, part IDK! If you're are over 30 you can't wear a your hat fucking backwards! Period, clean up,WTF… sorry, the music is what matters for sure.. their appearance just shocked the fuck out of me! Well maybe just the lead singer.. bad look for their great sound, I hate to say it, but, now days more than ever image sells.. sucks, but, true

  15. OMG I Love this song and I love Boy and Bear !!!!

  16. I never dreamed I'd meet you guys…thank you!! Edmonton, Alberta xxx

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