Bluey The Floor is LAVA | Bluey Brain Break Games for Kids -

Bluey The Floor is LAVA | Bluey Brain Break Games for Kids

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Just Dance with Bluey and keep the balloons up in the air, but watch out when the FLOOR IS LAVA! Find a seat as quickly as you can! Can you play the game better than Bluey and Bingo?! You’ll have a blast while you play the mini games including Keepy Uppy, Who’s that Shadow, and Spot the Difference.

This brain break exercise video for kids is perfect for fun at school or at home. You’ll follow along the engaging games but be careful when you hear the alarm and the floor is lava!

Movement is essential for everyone, especially children! Movement promotes self-regulation, visual motor skills, and coordination, all while having FUN! We hope teachers and parents will find these helpful to supplement other learning methods for their students/children.

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Have fun!

Credit to Disney Clips for some of the clip art used during this video.

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