BLOODY VIOLENT RAGE | Super Meat Boy: Forever -

BLOODY VIOLENT RAGE | Super Meat Boy: Forever

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It’s been a while since Super Meat Boy has been a thing on my channel! A VERY VERY long time! Only true fans know about my OTHER channel…

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  1. That wasn't the tough part. Clearly the red stuff on the saws are just paint.

  2. Mark: "I'm very good at platformers."

    A certain game chair: "Oh really?"

  3. am just thinking how many time mark says ok in this video

  4. I love that Lixian tenderly set his baby down before getting ready to stab Mark. I love that he's animating his baby in general.

  5. words cant describe how happy i am to see lixian back, especially with his little baby.

  6. Ok him saying he’s gone deaf in his left ear and getting rid of audio in the left ear of headphones is super smart WTF

  7. if you're "so good at platformers", play crash bandicoot again

  8. That editing on the deaf left ear was great

  9. 10:1410:32 I love how Lixian gently setting his baby down and grabs a knife just made my day. XD that's content.

  10. Mark: trys multiple times to slip between gaps of saws and laughs at him dying trying to kill a fly
    my brain: nice to see hes a masochist in games too-

  11. he sounds like the narrator from tower of terror, no?

  12. Uh 1:39 headphone users unite

    How tf did my ear bud go out just as his ear did and came back when he said "it's back"

  13. Why was I deaf in my left ear at the same time?

  14. That sub to Airpound69 has me very happy. This is a man of culture.

  15. Mark: "I might delete it who knows"
    Literally everyone who watched unus annus: don't you dare

  16. I actually really enjoyed this. More than i thought i was going to. Never saw the original meat boy

  17. SMOL LIXIAN IS HECCIN ADORABLE OHMAGOD! ;-; <3<3<3<3<3 luv you Lixian!!

  18. The first cinematic on clinic is from the show called adventure time right?

  19. I miss old mark. Old jack. Old pewds. Old everyone. I miss old me. I miss my childhood. Life was simple.

  20. More void train pls mark but take your time

  21. 15:15 was replicating Rocket Knight Adventures, a Sega Genesis game. One of my favorites

  22. Not markiplier making me think my headphone battery died

  23. Lil Lix is adorable congrats on the baby papa Lixian
    I love how the saws get bloodier and bloodier the more you run into them
    Take a shot everytime mark died

  24. This was great especially when he started screaming randomly

  25. "I'm wierdly good at platformers"

    Oh yeah?


  26. if you like platformers you should play hollow knight

  27. Can we gat another Markiplier remix song with this video?

  28. I'm about the lixian son animations. I love these so much

  29. gonna be honest, I don't remember the last time I laughed so wholeheartedly…? So thank you 🙂

  30. Please do a diablo 2 playthrough. Diablo three SUCKS! please no. But please for the love of god please play Diablo 2 or even the first one first. Love ya Mark

  31. Markeplier: still making commentary well knowing that the footage won’t be there

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