Best Super Game Boy Games - The Top 5 of All Super Game Boy Games To Play! -

Best Super Game Boy Games – The Top 5 of All Super Game Boy Games To Play!

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The Best Super Game Boy Games are the ones that utilised Nintendo’s Super Game Boy peripheral to its fullest potential. It wasn’t just about faking colour or adding snazzy borders, because the SGB could do some truly special things when used correctly, and this week, I’m going to be showing you the games that really showed off what could be done. Out of all Super Game Boy Games, these are the best!

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All gameplay footage captured in glorious 1080p60 using an original system, connected to a Framemeister upscaling unit and captured through an Elgato Game Capture HD60 unit.
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  1. Kirby's Dream Land 2 was great on a Super Game Boy too. My brother liked playing Pokémon on it sometimes, tho we started using the N64 Transfer Pak before long. Kirby and Donkey Kong '94 were my favorite SGB games. I wish I could easily play them with those features again without digging out and hooking up the old hardware. You'd think Nintendo would include those features in digital releases. Entice a few extra buys. I can't imagine they're too difficult to implement. It's too bad Nintendo didn't let developers draw new graphics on SGB. That could have been cool. I wish devs gave it more support too tho. There could have been so many new soundtracks and color palettesAlso, an underrated feature of the Super Game Boy is that it gave you more 8-bit console games. The Game Boy Player and Playstation TV did the same thing but with this hardware you can play Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins on your TV. So now you have a fourth 8-bit console Super Mario game. You have a fourth console Zelda game too with Link's Awakening. They were limited but it's a larger library of games on your console. Playing on a TV is usually preferable to playing on a handheld when you're at home. You probably don't use handheld mode on your Switch at home much either. So that was nice. I could play the best version of Donkey Kong ever and my favorite version of Tetris at the time on my TV so I was a happy boy

  2. The Super Game Boy 2 is still my preferred way of playing Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, Metroid II: Return of Samus, and the Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (for this last one, especially).

  3. Great video, Lee! Donkey Kong '94 is such an awesome game and an essential purchase for anyone able to play Game Boy games, but the Super Game Boy just makes it that more amazing. I absolutely love it and it's probably my second favourite old school Game Boy game next to Link's Awakening.

  4. Great vid, always wanted animaniacs on the mega drive, didn't even know it had a Gameboy version

  5. I love the Super Game Boy. Definitely one of the best peripherals ever, even without these special features. I ended up buying an SGB 2 after the video you did on it, never realised the original one played the games too fast!

  6. Oh my goodness, I never noticed you could have so many players on Wario Blast! I’m firing that baby up tonight! 🙂

  7. Great idea for a video mate 😁 Still need to get hold of its Japanese sequel!!

  8. Down side about that Space Invaders GB games was it had TWO levels of region protection, I had a PAL SNES, a US Super GB and a PAL Space Invaders. So it would never let me play it >.>

  9. Great video. I believe that developers just had limited space to work with. I've actually spoken to a handful of developers from the era of SGB games and a few said it was mostly due to time deadlines and space constraints. A few have mentioned that it simply wasn't a priority, and one in particular stated that they hated developing for the Game Boy as a whole, so it doesn't surprise me that little was done with the hardware's special effects. Some of these people shared their original source code for their games (not that I needed it lol) but it was nice enough to provide their time and effort to find their old material and share it with someone. More developers said they simply didn't have the resources.

    I agree with this state seeing how a lot, and I do mean a lot of borders were actually coded in not the best ways possible into their games after examining the games. It's just some interesting insight to see how small developers just weren't able to do what they wanted for various reasons and constraints. There is evidence in some games (like Madden 96 for instance where the initial thought to provide a SGB soundtrack is existent in the ROM).

    I guess it is just more realistic to say that it wasn't a priority developing for the Super Game Boy and it is understandable.

  10. Lastly, The VS mode is still in the SGB Arcade Space Invaders. It just wasn't finished as this actually is a prototype version of the SNES version's.

  11. Oooof gotta love those borders!!! 🙂 Good job on the video dude

  12. Was probably expecting too much, but Super Game Boy was always a disappointment to me. After watching this it seems I was too young to appreciate the sublte imporvements to sounds/ backgrounds and stuff

  13. Im new to this channel and I have to say mate Im loving all this GameBoy Content! Subbed! As for my favourite GB game… that's a tufffy but it has to be SuperMarioLand2:SixGoldenCoins, one of Marios best adventures period(for people that don't know, yes, it really is that good! Director Hiroji Kiyotake and producer Gunpei Yokoi worked magic!) and its so underlined and often forgotten! The sprits, world map, adventure itself, brilliantly designed and a real treat to play on either the SuperGameBoy or the Cubes GameBoyPlayer! On top of that (Im not big in to home-brew or repos as a rule) I just bought SuperMarioLand2DX of ebay, it has a fantastic sticker, a beautiful "SuperGameBoy2 matching" translucent blue cart and the game has been coded in full colour plus as a bonus Luigi is a selectable character with all his NES/MarioBros2/USA characteristics – high jump/flappy legs! The best £14 Ive sent in a long while!

  14. only thing is that sgb enhanced sound does not work with the sameby emulater anyway to have it work with a snes emulater

  15. I was impressed with Disney's Hercules a little even though it sucks.

  16. Playing Donkey Kong and the Game & Watch games on SGB was always fun.
    Same with Pokémon due to color.
    Really need to grab a Space Invaders cartridge though, I always liked that game.

  17. I'm more impressed by the color palette of the GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance. WWF Superstars looks great with full color wrestlers in it.

  18. I've purchased every game on the list except for Animaniacs.

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